Sobre o Structure101 Workspace

Ative sua estrutura de base de código no seu IDE.

Structure101 Workspace shows you live visualizations of code dependencies in the context of the overall architecture. It allows you to notice tangles and spec violations as they happen and you can easily see how project/modules and packages use each other.

Structure101 Workspace Features

  • Browse Top-Down - Browse top-down to discover how projects and packages use each other, and drill down for code-level details. Items are laid out so that dependencies flow down as much as possible.
  • Browse Bottom-Up - Browse bottom-up to discover how a code item is used, and where dependencies are located in the architecture.
  • Auto Follow - Select auto-follow to have the item under the cursor automatically spotlit (yellow highlight, using items above, used items below) as you browse source code, quickly navigate to dependent source.
  • Notice New Dependencies - Immediately see new dependencies (purple) that you create as you work. See how dependency levels are affected and check-out to see structural changes between commits.
  • Organize modules - Group related project/modules together and overlay on the Structure Map to make the codebase easier to understand for the whole team.
  • Specify Dependency Constraints - Adjust layering and privacy to define allowed/forbidden dependencies in the overlay.
  • Find Violations and Over Complexity - Use lists to navigate directly to spec violations, and structural anti-patterns such as “Tangles” (cyclic package dependencies) and “Fat” (too much in one package or class). Drill down to find the source of dependencies.