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  1. $ | Compra
    About MyDraw

    Descrição: Advanced diagramming software and vector graphics drawing tool. MyDraw includes powerful features to help you with your flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, general business diagrams and drawings. It includes libraries with ... Leia mais

  2. Apptimized Comprar

    Marca: Apptimized
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    About Apptimized

    Descrição: A cloud-based application packaging tool. Developed by application packaging professionals for application packaging professionals, Apptimized offers everything needed to deliver and manage even the most demanding application packaging programme, in the ... Leia mais

  3. $$$ | Compra
    About NOV Grid for .NET

    Descrição: High performance Data Grid component for displaying and editing tabular data. NOV Grid for .NET is a high performance Data Grid component for displaying and editing tabular data within your WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac applications. ... Leia mais

  4. $$$ | Compra
    About NOV Schedule for .NET

    Descrição: Display and organize appointments and recurring events in cross-platform apps. NOV Schedule for .NET is an advanced .NET schedule component for cross-platform application development. NOV Schedule provides all the features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar ... Leia mais

  5. $$$ | Compra
    About NOV Chart for .NET

    Descrição: Visualize business, scientific, financial and presentation charts. NOV Chart for .NET is an advanced .NET charting component for cross-platform application development. NOV Chart allows for the visualization of business, scientific, financial and ... Leia mais

  6. $ | Compra
    About Nevron Office

    Descrição: Professional Office Suite that includes a Text Editor and Diagram Designer. Nevron Office is a new generation, cross platform office suite that looks and behaves identically under Windows, Mac and online. Created by a team of professional developers to ... Leia mais

  7. $ | Compra
    About Actipro Wizard for Silverlight

    Descrição: Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs in your applications. Actipro Wizard is a lightweight control for building wizard dialogs in Silverlight, while conforming to Wizard97 specifications. Its rich designer functionality and straightforward ... Leia mais

  8. $ | Compra
    About Actipro Views for Silverlight

    Descrição: Silverlight controls and advanced panels that support fluid animated item layout. Actipro Views for Silverlight offers custom controls and a range of panels that support fluid animations. Several built-in animations are included, which can be easily ... Leia mais

  9. $ | Compra
    About Actipro Micro Charts for Silverlight

    Descrição: Small charts, also called sparklines, designed to visualize complex data. Actipro Micro Charts for Silverlight visualize quantitative data and are designed to render clearly in compact spaces. Many chart types are supported, from basic line and bar charts ... Leia mais

  10. Sobre o Actipro WPF Studio

    Notas de versão: Improves Grid, Docking/MDI, SyntaxEditor and Editor controls. Docking/MDI Updated the read-only document contextual indicator to render separately from any custom contextual content. Improved logic for when dragging a single floating tabbed document ... Leia mais