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    Notas de versão: Adds Web API health status page. New health monitoring page shows live status and reported incidents. This very simple web application gives a live overview of ReportingCloud areas such as the Web API, portal and the backend. Incidents are also listed on ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  2. Notas de versão: Adds new Endpoint for creating document thumbnails. New endpoint creates document thumbnails that can be uploaded in supported document formats DOC, RTF, DOCX, PDF and XLSX. It allows you to upload a document in various formats and create image thumbnails ... Leia mais

  3. Notas de versão: Adds new endpoint to the API to append documents. New ReportingCloud Web API endpoint for appending documents - This endpoint can be used to assemble documents in various formats to one resulting document. Typically, single, separate templates are merged ... Leia mais