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  1. Descrição: Add Outlook and MSN styled desktop alert popups to your .NET applications. BinaryAlertPopup .NET component will instantly add popular MSN Instant Messenger and MS Outlook style popup alerts functionality to your Windows Forms .NET applications. With just ... Leia mais

  2. Descrição: Add Outlook styled calendar controls to your applications. BinaryDatePicker .NET is an Outlook styled, feature rich and highly configurable, calendar (date picker) control for Winforms .NET. The component offers support for input of NULL dates, data ... Leia mais

  3. Descrição: Add professionally designed checkbox and radio button controls to your applications. BinaryButtonSuite .NET is a GUI extended, feature-rich and flat-styled Checkbox & Radio button controls collection for the WinForms .NET platform. The control offers ... Leia mais

  4. Descrição: Add professionally designed Office 2007 styled color picker control to your applications. BinaryColorPicker .NET is an extended, feature-rich, highly configurable, out-of-the-box readily usable flat styled suite of Color picker controls. The control ... Leia mais

  5. Descrição: Add advanced and multi-column capable combobox control for your Windows Forms applications. BinaryComboBox .NET provides a flat styled, feature rich and highly configurable, data-bound/unbound, multi-column data display capable ComboBox control with ... Leia mais

  6. Descrição: Add a professionally designed Windows XP Sidebar/Taskbar styled component to your Windows Forms applications, without writing a single line of code. BinaryExplorerBar .NET is an extended, feature-rich and dynamically configurable Windows XP sidebar styled ... Leia mais

  7. Descrição: Add professionally designed Textbox control to your applications. BinaryExtendedText .NET is a Visual Studio .NET styled, feature rich and highly configurable Text box control for the WinForms .NET platform. The control offers custom border color and ... Leia mais

  8. Descrição: Add MS Outlook styled, feature-rich, fully customisable Header container control to your applications. BinaryHeaderControl .NET offers you an Outlook styled fully customisable header container control with extensive designer support and in-place editing ... Leia mais

  9. 9. BinaryMenuItem .NET Arquivado

    Categoria principal: Componentes de menu

    Descrição: Add professionally designed MenuItem component to your applications. BinaryMenuItem .NET is a Windows Forms component library, providing an extended Owner drawn and ready-to-use MenuItem component for the .NET platform. The component comes with image ... Leia mais

  10. Descrição: Add Outlook 2003/2007 style navigation bar to your .NET applications. BinaryPanelBar .NET includes out-of-the-box support for Outlook 2007 style collapsing/expanding of navigation bars. It also is able to display selected navigation header areas in a ... Leia mais