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  1. Descrição: A complete collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, Web, and desktop. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise (formerly ComponentOne Studio) is a comprehensive, flexible collection of performant, extensible.NET UI controls for mobile, web, ... Leia mais

  2. Descrição: Maintain a complete collection of Windows forms components for all aspects of application development. ComponentOne Studio WinForms Edition provides existing ComponentOne.NET tools, any new.NET tools and updates released within your 1 year subscription ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: 130+ WinForms UI controls and powerful data components. ComponentOne Studio WinForms Data Services Edition provides over 130 WinForms UI controls and vital data layering components for connecting, querying, and analyzing. This bundle edition includes ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Make your applications size and resolution independent. ResizeKit.NET automatically changes the size of all controls and fonts so they will be displayed on any sized form. Full control is provided to customize the resizing process. Even if the user ... Leia mais

  5. Descrição: Give your Visual Studio applications resizing and resolution independence. Softgroup.Net Forms Resize is a fast, small and lightweight.NET component that gives your Visual Studio applications resolution independence. Softgroup.Net Forms Resize supports ... Leia mais

  6. Descrição: Create resolution-independent applications automatically, without writing a single line of code. ComponentOne Sizer for WinForms delivers two windows components allowing developers to resize their forms easily; C1SizerLight, a lightweight sizer ... Leia mais