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  1. Descrição: Simplify data entry with an intuitive ASP.NET slider control. Infragistics WebSlider is a lightweight and easy-to-use ASP.NET-based slider (or track bar) control that enables Web developers to add another familiar UX pattern into their applications. The ... Leia mais

  2. Descrição: Silverlight slider control. xamSlider includes simple sliders with one thumb to range sliders that can have two or more, from numbers to dates, and from generic base class to the specific data types you need, xamSlider has it all. xamSliders templating ... Leia mais

  3. Descrição: A Silverlight Zoombar control. The Infragistics xamWebZoombar Silverlight Zoombar control provides you with an intuitive user interface for dynamically changing scale and scrolling through a range. These ranges can be regions on a chart or map, intervals ... Leia mais