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Componentes de grade - Melhor Vendidos

  1. 1. Spread COM Comprar

    Marca: GrapeCity
    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade

    Recursos: FarPoint Spread 8 COM General Features: Create a spreadsheet with up to 2 billion rows by 2 billion columns Drag and drop data anywhere in the spreadsheet control Use the clipboard copy/cut/paste shortcut keys Prevent editing of data by locking any cell ... Leia mais

  2. Recursos: OVERVIEW .NET technology Written entirely in managed C# code (source code included in the Blueprint Edition) Object-oriented design created exclusively for the .NET framework offers a fresh and modern approach to grid programming, not an ActiveX interface ... Leia mais

  3. Recursos: Janus GridEX for .NET Features: Janus GridEX Binding: Janus GridEX for .NET is a data-aware, fully editable grid component that can be bound to any table in a dataset or to any other data source that supports IList, ITypedList or IBindingList interfaces. ... Leia mais

  4. 4. Data Widgets Comprar

    Marca: Infragistics
    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade

    Recursos: Features Include: Print to paper Automatically exports pure HTML (Platform and browser independent) Export to delimited files Save and restore layouts at design and run time Fully integrated masked editing Full Intellimouse support Three data Modes Bound, ... Leia mais

  5. 5. Janus GridEX Comprar

    Marca: Janus Systems
    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade

    Recursos: Cell, Column and Row Level formatting - Version 1.6 had many advanced formatting features. Version 2.0 of Janus' grid retains those features and adds a new set of formatting services that will give the programmer total control over how data is ... Leia mais

  6. $ | Compra

    Recursos: The TeeGrid "Ticker" component to automatically refresh grid cells when values are updated. VCL, Firemonkey and Lazarus. Delphi and C++, 2009 to Berlin. Options include FadeColors, Delay, Higher.Color, Lower.Color and RefreshSpeed. ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  7. Recursos: TeeGrid is fully compatible with VCL and FMX offering you the means to take common core code for gridding on Windows, Android and iOS/OSX. TeeGrid ships with some default themes to optionally custom match to each environment. ... Leia mais

  8. Recursos: Written from scratch in 2016 (not derived from TCustomGrid or TGrid) to take advantage of all that's fast in Delphi. ... Leia mais

  9. Recursos: DevExpress DXperience will help you create elegant business solutions across all major .NET platforms. Including apps that fully emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office. ASP.NET Rich Text Editor WinForms Spreadsheet Control Ribbon ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  10. Recursos: DevExpress WinForms helps you deliver compelling, easy-to-use business solutions fast. Emulate the look, feel and capabilities of Microsoft Office or replicate the dock based UI of Visual Studio or Adobe Photoshop and take your WinForms applications to an ... Leia mais

  11. Recursos: DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX Controls and MVC Extensions have been engineered so you can deliver functional, elegant and interactive experiences for the web, regardless of the target browser or computing device. All major browsers including IE, FireFox, Chrome ... Leia mais

  12. Depoimento de cliente: We view DevExpress as more than just a component vendor. They are an integral part of our business. Our application would not be where it is today without DevExpress. Simply the best components and support in the industry! Pete Meyer, DevExpress User ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  13. Depoimento de cliente: Choosing the DX package over their competitors is a no-brainer every time a decision has to be made. The quick and professional response of the DX support team is also worth mentioning, keep up the good work! Nissim Belzer, Sital Technology LTD ... Leia mais

  14. Depoimento de cliente: I am at my 3rd company using DevExpress. The 1st was where I was introduced to it, and the next 2 I got the company to buy licenses. DevExpress helps sell itself to the powers that be. If you are doing any .NET development, this is the product for you. ... Leia mais

  15. Recursos: Completely control data entry and display in grids, tree views, scheduling controls or standalone data entry forms with this comprehensive set of editors. Go from the WinGrid to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in one click with this convenient exporter ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  16. Recursos: Show multiple parent-child relationships in an expandable, hierarchical data grid that stands as the backbone of your data-centric JavaScript-based client applications. Users can drill down, as well as add, edit, delete, select, sort, group and filter ... Leia mais

  17. Recursos: Render WPF charts with millions of data points that are capable of millisecond updates, sparing nothing to achieve blazing speed. Enable heavy-duty data visualization and analysis on large volumes of data with high performance. ... Leia mais

  18. Depoimento de cliente: I have had the pleasure to work with WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET and no one offers a more powerful, comprehensive, and just plain awesome set of tools as DevExpress. Ivy Hoang, DevExpress User ... Leia mais