Para a sua conveniência, incluímos o link para o Tradutor Google para as informações de produtos nas quais ainda não foram traduzidas. Lembre-se que traduções automáticas não são sempre precisas.

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    Depoimento de cliente: Support is what makes DevExpress standout…very smart and even better, very helpful. Ivan Millward, DevExpress User ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: We've experienced reliable transmission over 8992 km, and it was faster than the alternatives. The product is very easy to use, keeps a stable connection over hours; and Medialooks provides great support. 1 year ago I would never think about a ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: Intellifront BI’s versatility has improved not just the on-demand reports but also the scheduled reporting. Jack Meadows, Executive Director of IT services, University of Louisville ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: After seeing NHProfiler in action for the first time I was completely blown away. I ran the profiler against a content management system which I was developing and quickly identified a number of queries that could be optimized resulting in a significant ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: I frequently advise developers using Entity Framework to pay attention to what's happening in the database since much of the database work happens under the covers. But we've never had a good tool for doing that. EF Prof is exactly what we Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: As a document database it remains true to the core principles of these type of storage mechanisms. Somehow it managed to combine the best of relational databases with that of document databases. Hadi Hariri ... Leia mais

  7. Depoimento de cliente: GenesisOne T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler was a lifesaver for me, saving many hours of trying to figure out code. This tool allows you to connect to your SQL Server database and view any tables, views, stored procedures and functions. It allowed me to ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  8. Depoimento de cliente: As a developer GenesisOne allows me to learn my client's environment fast, allowing me to produce results faster. From all the tools that I have used in the past, T-SQL Unscrambler is different as it is not a traditional documentation tool but a ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: I am fully satisfied with your product and have already used this application in dozens of my new projects. Dhurba Joshi ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: These converters have saved me many hours of work and have converted millions of records of data flawlessly. The quality far exceeds the price. Robert Lyons ... Leia mais

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    Depoimento de cliente: Intelligent Converts went above and beyond for our migration needs. Couldn't be happier with the service and product. Matt Myers, ... Leia mais