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Aplicativos / Visual Studio 4/5/6

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    Depoimento de cliente: It simplified the conversion and helped keep our time to market in line with our goals, while allowing savings of about 80%. Kevin Flynn – Director of Technology, Ineo Relocation Technologies ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  2. Depoimento de cliente: We evaluated other tools and chose the VBUC because of its advanced conversion capabilities and the quality of generated code. Tom Hosgood - Managing Director, Speed-IT ... Leia mais

  3. Depoimento de cliente: I was skeptic of using automated conversion tools; what a surprise to find out that the VBUC is in a class of its own. Ivano Raino - Zucchetti S.p.A. ... Leia mais

  4. Depoimento de cliente: Plastic SCM increases our development productivity and it integrates with Visual Studio and it's supported on SQL Server. Keith Richardon, Senior Web Application Developer, DinsMore & Shohl LLP ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  5. Depoimento de cliente: Without Plastic SCM we would not have been able to turn local applications to a regional level maintaining the flexibility. Serge Gregoir, IT Production Manager, DHL ... Leia mais

  6. Depoimento de cliente: By using Plastic SCM we increased our development flexibility and bugs in production software were drastically reduced. André Mushe, Software Architech, RBK Group ... Leia mais