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  1. Descrição: Remote connections and passwords. Everywhere. Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform that can be securely shared between users. Drive security, speed and productivity ... Leia mais

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    Marca: Raynet
    Categoria principal: Aplicativos de segurança
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    Descrição: Smarter software and hardware inventory. RayVentory offers comprehensive hardware and software scans either with an agent or through Zero-Touch agentless technology. It is a web or USB-pen drive which enables you to discover computer devices, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Secure your disk from ransomware and other malware by substantially reducing your attack surface. InstallAware DiskZIP is the natural evolution of more than two decades of data compression expertise at InstallAware, now in the service of not only software ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Remote access and support made simple. Remotely Support Platform is a self-hosted, subscription-free, remote support solution for managing, monitoring and supporting remote computers and devices. For organizations and businesses that provide I.T. support, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Secure Password & Access Management for the Entire Organization. Devolutions Server (formerly Devolutions Password Server) lets you control access to privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed on-premises. ... Leia mais