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  1. O que há de novo: What’s new in dotTrace 6.1? Timeline Profiling - A new profiling method is perfect for analyzing UI freezes, sync delays, excessive garbage collections, file I/O, and other interval events. New Profiling Experience - Slice and dice data using filters, the ... Leia mais

  2. O que há de novo: What’s new in dotMemory 4.3? Sunburst Diagram - Just a quick look at the chart allows you to find out what objects are crucial for your app and evaluate the largest structures: The more memory a dominator retains, the larger the central angle. dotMemory ... Leia mais

  3. O que há de novo: What's new in dotCover 3.1? Remote Code Coverage - Now you can run coverage analysis of unit tests on a remote machine and save resources on your local computer. Custom Coverage Scope - dotCover provides you with ability to include uncovered solution ... Leia mais