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Add-ins / Structure101

  1. $ | Compra

    Descrição: Bring your code-base structure to life inside your IDE. Structure101 Workspace shows you live visualizations of code dependencies in the context of the overall architecture. It allows you to notice tangles and spec violations as they happen and you can ... Leia mais

  2. $$ | Compra

    Notas de versão: Improved pattern matching performance. General changes Performance improvements around pattern matching. JxBrowser upgraded to 6.22.2 for important fixes. Proxy password from system settings now obfuscated in build log. Java-specific changes Ability to in ... Leia mais

  3. $$ | Compra

    Compatibilidade: Languages Java .Net Understand (C/C++ and Python) ... Leia mais

  4. Descrição: Refactor your architecture. Restructure101 helps remove costly tangles and excess structural complexity in software. It lets you perform high-level structural refactoring on components, packages, jars, modules, assemblies and directories. Remove component ... Leia mais