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    Descrição: Learn from industry experts at your own pace. Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training gives you the ability to learn from industry experts at your own pace. The courses cover a variety of topics including Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Add a cart, store front and checkout experience to SharePoint Online (Office 365) Kintivo Cart for SharePoint Online adds a cart, store front and checkout experience to SharePoint Online (Office 365). Allow the checkout process to skip the payment step ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Easily perform SharePoint list data bulk updates without writing custom scripts. Kintivo Find and Replace Tool for SharePoint Online will search for and replace text contained within a specified SharePoint List Column. It is faster and easier than writing ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: SharePoint Forms for SharePoint, Office 365 and Beyond. Kintivo Forms Anywhere for SharePoint (including Office 365) allows you to easily design SharePoint forms without code, including a responsive look & feel, branding and custom actions. Build ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Send and track newsletters, email notifications and much more... Kintivo MailChimp Sync for SharePoint Online integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and allows you to auto synchronize your SharePoint Lists with your MailChimp Lists. Use MailChimp for ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Sync SharePoint contacts with iOS and Android devices. Kintivo Mobile Sync for SharePoint automatically synchronizes SharePoint contacts with mobile devices and works with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online. The SharePoint Mobile Sync ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Centrally manage professional Gmail signatures for all G Suite users. Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suit helps you create and manage Gmail email signatures for all G Suite users. It is a cloud-based solution for professional Gmail signature ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Manage tasks and dependencies with Microsoft Project XML schema support. DlhSoft Project Management Services is a Cloud API for HTTP Web clients. It helps provides complex project management logic, including task scheduling and resource leveling. It ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: HTML5 Document Viewer and Web APIs. PrizmDoc is a suite of web services that are accessed using REST APIs that make it easy for you to add document and image processing services to your web site or applications, including: Collaboration tools – Viewing, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Generate high quality images from a list of CAD files, prepare geometry for 3D printing and build quotes based on geometry metrics. Eyeshot Web Service (EWS) is a secure hosted service that provides access to the Eyeshot CAD engine in the cloud. The ... Leia mais