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  1. 1. everviz Comprar agora

    Marca: everviz
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    Descrição: Data Visualization Service. everviz makes it possible to share your data through attractive, interactive charts and maps. No matter who your are or what you do, journalist, researcher or content creator, everviz makes it simple for you to create stunning ... Leia mais

  2. 2. Axosoft Comprar agora

    Marca: GitKraken
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    Descrição: Scrum, bug tracking, help desk and wiki software for development teams. Axosoft includes comprehensive tools to help plan and complete your software releases effectively. It helps you see who's working on what and exactly when you'll ship. ... Leia mais

  3. Recursos: MDriven Framework is Framework that allows you to model your requirements in UML – and get an exact match of this as a domain layer in c# code. The model and MDriven Framework also helps you to bind your domain layer data to UI technologies as WPF, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Web collaboration for XML documentation review workflows. Oxygen Content Fusion makes collaboration easy for all members of your team. Content Authors have access to a specialized view in Oxygen XML Editor/Author where they can easily create tasks with ... Leia mais

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    Notas de versão: Adds new grid component features, including sorting, filtering and groupby. Indigo.Design App Builder Grid Component- The latest release includes 10+ new grid component features including sorting, filtering, cell/row editing, selection, groupby and more. ... Leia mais

  6. 6. CloudQA TruLoad Comprar agora

    Marca: CloudQA
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    Descrição: Cloud-based website performance testing. TruLoad helps you discover website performance issues, even for the most complex web applications. Record user-like actions on web elements and generate single or multi-page workflows in minutes. TruLoad tests with ... Leia mais

  7. $$$ | Compra

    Descrição: Easily build and use synthetic monitoring even for the most complex Web applications. CloudQA TruMonitor’s synthetic monitoring tools allow you to speed up and increase your website monitoring coverage. It includes intelligent cloud agents for synthetic ... Leia mais

  8. 8. CloudQA TruRT Comprar agora

    Marca: CloudQA
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    Descrição: Accelerate regression testing. CloudQA TruRT helps you scale regression testing on demand. You can test user-like workflows on your application to mimic customer actions and automate them with the powerful test execution engine. CloudQA TruRT offers a ... Leia mais

  9. 9. KEYZY Comprar agora

    Marca: KEYZY
    Categoria principal: Serviços em nuvem
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    Descrição: Software licensing, distribution and management made easy. KEYZY provides an affordable end-to-end software licensing service on the Cloud for small and mid-size companies that develop software for Desktop / IoT / On-Premise / Hardware / Games. Generate, ... Leia mais

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    Descrição: Backup, monitor and restore databases from the web. SqlBak helps you schedule and restore SQL backups from any web browser on any device. You can send backups to a folder, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3. You can also monitor SQL Server ... Leia mais