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  1. AgileJ StructureViews

    Marca: AgileJ
    Faixa de preço: Faixa de preço
    About AgileJ StructureViews

    Understand how your Java code is structured. AgileJ StructureViews is a programmer-centric Java-savvy class diagram generator to make it obvious where design improvements are needed. It provides a clear overview of your code's OO structure through ...

  2. Codename One

    Faixa de preço: Faixa de preço
    About Codename One

    Easily create native apps using Java for iOS, Android, Windows, RIM and more. Codename One is a set of tools for mobile application development that derive a great deal of its architecture from Java. The goal of Codename One project is to take the complex ...

  3. MaintainJ

    Marca: MaintainJ
    Faixa de preço: Faixa de preço
    About MaintainJ

    Understand and document complex Enterprise Java applications. MaintainJ is a run time reverse engineering tool for Java applications which automatically generates UML class and sequence diagrams for a use case at run time. MaintainJ reduces the effort ...

  4. javOnet

    Marca: javOnet
    Faixa de preço: Faixa de preço
    About javOnet

    Use any .NET library in your Java project. javOnet is a mechanism that bridges your Java application with .NET code. .NET code is accessible from your Java application through a robust API delivered via the javOnet JAR. Under the hood, javOnet creates a ...

  5. InstallShield Collaboration

    About InstallShield Collaboration

    Improve product and installation quality. InstallShield Collaboration addresses the critical need for collaboration between application and installation developers. It protects against information loss resulting from developer reassignment or turnover and ...

  6. PureCM Professional


    Change and Configuration Management solution. PureCM Professional supports task-based development along the development workflow,integrating task tracking, source control, build automation and release management. PureCM Professional provides end-to-end ...

  7. PureCM Standard


    Easy to use version control solution supporting agile development. PureCM Standard is a lightweight and highly affordable solution for users looking to replace VSS or open source solutions. Transition for developers is seamless thanks to PureCM’s enhanced ...

  8. Squish for Java


    Testing tool for Java Swing/AWT, SWT and Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). Squish for Java is an automated GUI testing tool for Java GUI applications based on Swing/AWT as well as SWT/Eclipse RCP. Squish works on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X. All ...