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Para a sua conveniência, incluímos o link para o Tradutor Google para as informações de produtos nas quais ainda não foram traduzidas. Lembre-se que traduções automáticas não são sempre precisas.

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  1. Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net

    Faixa de preço: Faixa de preço
    About Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net

    Create thread-safe, secure, isolated, deployable and context-sensitive add-ons for Internet Explorer 6 (32-bit), IE 7 – IE 11 (32-bit and 64-bit) with a couple of clicks. Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net completely supports the ...

  2. RemObjects Elements

    About RemObjects Elements

    One toolchain, two languages, three platforms. RemObjects Elemetns is a bundle of Oxygene and RemObjects C# IDEs. Oxygene and RemObjects C# (formerly code-named Hydrogene) are a modern development tool stack for creating applications for all three major ...

  3. Codename One

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    About Codename One

    Easily create native apps using Java for iOS, Android, Windows, RIM and more. Codename One is a set of tools for mobile application development that derive a great deal of its architecture from Java. The goal of Codename One project is to take the complex ...

  4. Oxygene

    About Oxygene

    Next generation Object Pascal language for .NET, Windows Phone 8, Java, Android and iOS apps. Oxygene is a modern, object oriented programming language for the 21st century. It builds on the strong foundation of Object Pascal, but extends it with many ...

  5. RemObjects C#

    About RemObjects C#

    Native C# for iOS, Android, Mac, Java and .NET. RemObjects C# takes the C# programming language you already know and brings it to the worlds of native Java, Android, Mac and iOS development. RemObjects C# lets you target all platforms truly natively. ...