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Componentes de grade / Visual Studio 2015 - Melhor Vendidos

  1. $$$ | Compra

    Depoimento de cliente: We knew we could successfully interlock .NET computations & Infragistics visualization to exceed our customers' expectations. Trevor Misfeldt, CEO, CenterSpace Software ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  2. Depoimento de cliente: Features included with [WPF] means our developers spend less time fussing with UI & more time focusing on business logic. Paul Ballard, Director of Software as a Service, British Telecom ... Leia mais

  3. Depoimento de cliente: The way the components are architected has allowed us a lot of flexibility and customization. Ferenc Molnár, Autolog, Inc. ... Leia mais

  4. $$$ | Compra

    Depoimento de cliente: I've been using BCG for nine years now, and I'd just like to say that I think you're doing a really, really great job. Simon Hofverberg, Qualisys AB ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  5. Depoimento de cliente: I'll just use this opportunity to say you're doing a great job and we really like your products. Yaron Haruv, iSolutions Ltd ... Leia mais

  6. Depoimento de cliente: I am really a fan of your product and great support. Rich Lamb, IXRF Systems, Inc ... Leia mais

  7. Depoimento de cliente: Intersoft Solutions products gives us the ease of use and the speed to realize the so-called "A better web experience". R. Usman Hasan, Project Manager of PT. Asuransi Astra Buana ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  8. Depoimento de cliente: WebUI Studio enables us to develop solutions quicker and more cost effectively to our dealer community. James Hayes, DealerPoint Development Manager Volvo Truck, Business System ... Leia mais

  9. $$$ | Compra

    Depoimento de cliente: We saved several months development time that translated to faster time to market and increased profit potential. Anjaneyullu Tamma, Vice President of Product and Development Services at Stone Bond Technologies ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  10. Depoimento de cliente: We deliver a new version in the morning, receive new requests in the afternoon, and can implement them before we leave... Brad McCabe, Senior Applications Development Specialist, Ajilon - for Verizon ... Leia mais

  11. Depoimento de cliente: [What] would have taken a full-time JavaScript programmer a month or two to create...I was able to do in just a few days. Jim Lane, Consultant, Ajilon Consulting for the Annie E. Casey Foundation ... Leia mais

  12. Depoimento de cliente: The C1DataGrid and other Silverlight components are fast, and will do what you need, when you need it. Charles Silbernagel, Software Designer, Matrix Solutions ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  13. Depoimento de cliente: The C1FlexGrid for Silverlight is the only grid that I use, whether in personal or professional Silverlight applications. Greg Gum, Founder and Lead Software Engineer, ... Leia mais

  14. Depoimento de cliente: From inside Silverlight, I can create the PDF and display it immediately, resulting in a seamless reporting experience. Greg Gum, Founder and Lead Software Engineer, ... Leia mais

  15. 17. Spread Studio i

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    Depoimento de cliente: We found that users prefer to use an Excel type of input, and Spread allows them to cut and paste from Excel, saving an enormous amount of effort. Anonymous ... Leia mais

  16. Depoimento de cliente: Taking into account the outstanding quality of your products and the fast, always helpful and very friendly support I have received the fees I paid pale in comparison. You have been paying me back tenfold. Keep up the superb work! Marc Enzler, DevExpress ... Leia mais Mostrar mais resultados deste produto

  17. Depoimento de cliente: Using DevExpress controls, we developed a comprehensive case management and document imaging system for one of our largest clients, a state-wide court system. The software processes millions of case records and images from courthouses across the state. ... Leia mais