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Componentes de grade - Melhor Vendidos

  1. $$$ | Compra

    Descrição: No Code, Instant Productivity in Visual Studio LightSwitch. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers rapidly develop data-based applications with minimal code. ComponentOne Studio LightSwitch Edition takes this ... Leia mais

  2. $$ | Compra

    Notas de versão: Adds spline ranges for charts, swim lanes for the Kanban control, and toolbars that can be customized with an image editor. Chart Spline range area chart type - A new spline range area chart type has been added. Bitmap support for range area chart type - ... Leia mais

  3. Descrição: Forneça aplicativos do Windows com uma interface profissional, moderna e fácil de usar. Prof-UIS is an MFC extension library that allows you to create enterprise-class applications in the Visual Studio environment. More than 200 thoroughly tested and ... Leia mais

  4. Descrição: Elegant, easy-to-use, touch first UWP controls. DevExpress Windows 10 Apps includes everything you'll need for your next Windows based project. It includes over 20 controls that have been engineered to address the requirements for a broad range of ... Leia mais

  5. $$$$$ | Compra

    Descrição: Display and edit data in 2D or 3D layouts. Xceed DataGrid for WPF is a grid control that in addition to traditional table and card views allows you to present and edit data in 3D layouts. Features include: rich in-place editing; grouping with UI ... Leia mais

  6. $$$ | Compra

    Descrição: Easily create, group and sort data in a flat or hierarchical format. Codejock Report Control for Visual C++ MFC provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Outlook style Report. Windows developers can easily create, group, and sort data in a flat or ... Leia mais

  7. 67. Dapfor MFC Grid Comprar

    Marca: Dapfor
    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade
    $$$ | Compra

    Descrição: Add a grid to your MFC applications. Dapfor MFC Grid enables you to create complex, well-designed applications with just a few lines of code. Dapfor MFC Grid is a RAD (Rapid application development) and threadsafe component that supports MVC patterns and ... Leia mais

  8. $$$$ | Compra

    Descrição: Drastically simplify iOS app development. Sensible TableView (STV) is a native Objective-C framework that automatically creates User Interfaces based on classes, core data entities and remote web services. It detects object relationships and automatically ... Leia mais

  9. 69. ShinobiGrids Comprar

    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade
    $$ | Compra

    Descrição: Highly interactive grid for iOS apps. ShinobiGrids makes data presentation a breeze for iPad and iPhone apps alike. Easily add stunning grids capable of handling large datasets in seconds. ShinobiGrids includes a fully extensible API for customizing the ... Leia mais

  10. 70. Dapfor Wpf GridControl Comprar

    Marca: Dapfor
    Categoria principal: Componentes de grade
    $$$ | Compra

    Descrição: A high-performance thread-safe control for displaying table data in high-performance applications. Dapfor Wpf GridControl supports displaying both single header data (like Windows Explorer) and hierarchies with multiple independent headers preserving the ... Leia mais