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  1. About EzPlan-IT

    About EzPlan-IT

    Description: Add scheduling functionality to your applications. EzPlan-IT is a collection of components which can be used to add scheduling and planning functionality to your application. Using the Gantt chart ... the components can be effortlessly integrated such that they match the appearance of your application. Full Source code is available. The EzPlan-IT components offer the possibility to create a complete scheduling ... functional rule based calendar control to manage resource availability. This allows the user to easily modify their availability by adding working and nonworking days or periods by selecting dates and adding ...

  2. What's New in EzPlan-IT


    What's New: What's new in EzPlan-IT V6.1.00? Delphi XE support added Support for 'group' scheduling - This release adds support for 'group' scheduling, a group of tasks is scheduled ... a hint value whenever the the mouse passes over a line. Fix: Scheduling a group of child tasks with a parent constraint of 'finish at or before' failed. What's new in EzPlan-IT V3.6? ... Modification: Scheduler now schedules against working hours instead of to duration New: New Date property in TEzCalendarPanel Fixed: Selecting a date from the grid located in the TEzCalendarControl did not update ...

  3. EzPlan-IT Licensing


    Licensing: One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. Software Assurance Each purchase includes a software assurance license (SA) for the duration mentioned. This license assures access to all new EzPlan-IT releases (both updates and upgrades) during the SA license period. When your ...

  4. EzPlan-IT Compatibility


    Compatibility: Operating System for Deployment Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 95 Windows NT 3.51 Architecture of Product 32Bit Product Type Component Component Type VCL Compatible Containers Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Office XP Microsoft Office 2000 ...

  5. EzPlan-IT adds Delphi XE support


    Release Notes: Updates in V6.1 Delphi XE support added Support for 'group' scheduling This release adds support for 'group' scheduling, a group of tasks is scheduled as a whole so ...

  6. EzPlan-IT updated


    Release Notes: Updates in V5.2.20 Added new resource graph type to EzProject: Resource allocation (stretched). This graph shows the resource allocation per task instead of per interval. When printing a project, the title bar is now only displayed on the top pages while the resource graphs are only displayed on ...