cad - Visual C# 2005

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    Description: Add CAD functionality to applications in different languages that support DLL technology. CAD DLL ... integrates CAD functionality to applications based on VC++, C#, Delphi, C++Builder, Visual Basic and VB.NET ... without the need for AutoCAD. It enables viewing, importing and converting CAD files, including AutoCAD ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Release Notes: High-quality automatic regeneration of objects. Bug fixes. CAD DLL ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Improves import and export, extended G-code generation, plus adds support of annotative objects and export to AutoCAD DWG 2010. Improved import of DWG and DXF files: Added support of annotative objects; Improved Insert support; Improved Clipping support; Improved Texts and MTexts support; Improved ... Read more

  4. Description: Develop CAD.NET applications with support for AutoCAD DWG/ DXF, PLT and other CAD formats. CAD ... .NET enables developing CAD applications in.NET environments. Its main features include creating, importing ... This considerably simplifies working with drawings. CAD.NET is a component that allows specialists to develop in.NET ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Release Notes: Visualization. CAD.NET ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: CAD.NET ... Read more

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    Description: View CAD, vector, raster and 3D files in browsers, Sharepoint and Office 365. Web CAD SDK ... and other online HTML5 enabled technologies. It supports CAD (AutoCAD DWG, DXF), 3D (STP, IGS, STL), vector ... or other third party applications or components to be installed and is provided with C# examples. Web CAD ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Release Notes: Adds support of Parasolid, SolidWorks, and GDSII formats, plus performance improvements. Support of Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b) and SolidWorks (*.sldprt) formats. Support of GDSII format. Added object snaps for the 2D measuring tools. Improved import of DWG and DXF files: Added support of annotative ... Read more

  9. Specification:   Web CAD SDK Web CAD SDK for 3D Features Support of CAD formats • • Support of vector formats • • ... Read more

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    Description: Add-on for VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) enables importing and exporting the IFC format. VectorDraw IFC Library is an add-on product to VectorDraw Developers Framework (VDF) that gives the ability to import and export the IFC format. It cannot be used independently since in order to open ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Release Notes: Adds new properties to the vdIFCProject object. Added the following properties to the vdIFCProject object: Units type of vdIFCUnits. Returns Units globally assigned used to measure types within this project. PersonName as string. Get / Set the person who created the IFC file. OrganizationName as ... Read more

  12. Release Notes: Adds new property that returns the owner of a connected object. Added a new property: ConnectionsOwner. This property returns the owner of a connected object. ... Read more

  13. Release Notes: Adds new entity which adds the ability to fill faces with a hatch pattern. WebJS Added a new useraction command which allows you to save a modified drawing in SimpleExample. Text undefined properties now use reference style properties. Added support for insert object attribute grips. Converter ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Screenshots: Includes a free 2D/3D drawing editor (VectorCAD) so you can open and modify your drawings. Supports VDF/VDI/VDP/WMF/EMF and XML vector formats. ... Read more

  15. Release Notes: Libraries can now be used on Linux systems. Changed LayoutTab size. Libraries can now be used on Linux systems. Improved vdBlock AttributeSync. Export ResolveHandles to Wrapper component. Added support for line transparency during PDF export. Export UseAdvancedAlgorithm to Wrapper component. Export ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds the ability to import linetypes and hatches using their dialogs. Added new HatchingMethod.LinearView value to the vdHatchProperties.HatchMode property. Added support for InsUnits for each vdBlock separately. Added a new property ParallelFill of vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties which specifies ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Release Notes: Improves performance on 4K screens. Improves vdml vdcl graphic file loading performance. ViewCube Axis Osnap Grip sizes to follow the display scale. vdPointCloud improves performance. Improves vdPolyface combine operations performance. Export interface for similar properties of vdText and vdMText. ... Read more

  18. Description: Export photo-realistic images. VectorDraw Ray Tracing Engine(vdRay) is an add-on library to the VectorDraw Developers Framework (VDF) that gives you the ability to export photo-realistic images from your application. Easy and simple, vdRay will help you create nice images and also videos from your ... Read more

  19. Description: Add 3D interfaces to your Windows Presentation Foundation applications. Blendables 3D Mix is a component platform for creating 3D interfaces for your WPF applications. Included with Blendables 3D Mix is ItemsControl3D. With ItemsControl3D developers simply specify layout animation and content and ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Screenshots: The GridLayout 3D sample has two samples in one. On the left you can move the sliders to view how items can be placed and moved within the 3D Space. On the right you can see multpile sphericle 3D models all rendered as the grid rotates. ... Read more

  21. Screenshots: 3D Cylinders placed in a canvas can be used to model complex data as shown in this sample. By refreshing the data you can view the various exit and entry animations. Those are Penner animations in 3D. ... Read more

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    Description: Add CAD system functionality to your applications. sgCore is a solid-state modeling C++/C# library ... functional CAD system. sgCore additionally offers loading AutoCAD SHX fonts, creating text and dimensional ... Read more Show more results from this product

  23. Pricing: sgCore Prices Read more

  24. Licensing: Personal License - One registered copy of sgCore (Personal License) may be used by an independent software developer who uses the software personally. Important: the Personal License is intended for independent software developers, not for companies. Run-time royalty free. Single Developer License ... Read more

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    Description: Medical imaging programming libraries. LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging includes hand-picked and optimized features to meet the specific needs of medical imaging application development, such as full DICOM dataset support, support for 8-16 bit grayscale, and 12 and 16 bit image processing and display with ... Read more

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    Specification: options available Perpetual licensing   Products Included         Aspose.3D Aspose.BarCode Aspose.CAD ... Read more