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    Release Notes: Maintenance release includes bug fixes. Fixed - ServerCertificateValidationCallback https access from MONO. Fixed - Bug in log Ocl oclSingleton - avoids throwing exception when not being able to create the singleton instance. Fixed - Double click in rows was faster than async action-enable which ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Description: Powerful model driven application development tools. CapableObjects MDriven Framework is available ... as ECO MDriven Framework in its core is UI agnostic. Still capableObjects include declarative ViewModel ... schema while preserving your precious data. A feature CapableObjects refer to as Database Evolution. ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Supports Visual Studio 2015 ECO 7 is now integrated with Visual Studio 2015 Designer - Updates to new debug window. Designer - Fix for GC workaround in .Net 4.6.2 (Windows 10 1607). Designer - Fix for IE7 not supported by chrome login. Framework - Fixed layout errors with splitter. Framework - ... Read more