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  1. VS Anywhere

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    Live Collaborative Coding.

    bugs. More clean code. Concurrent editing Live interactive code ... Context-aware editing with coder-specific carets Multi-participant chat ...

  2. About VS Anywhere

    and work cohesively, regardless of the miles, languages and coding ... regardless geographic distribution. Concurrent Editing Participants ... Xamarin, Phalanger or PHP). Teams watch each other edit and write ...

  3. Code.It.Right

    Brand: SubMain
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    About Code.It.Right

    Statistics and Trends, Code Metrics. Personal Edition (PE) - for solo ... Standard Edition features as well as Code Metrics. Priced ... Instant code review.CodeIt.Right provides a fast, ...

  4. CodeIt.Right's biggest benefit is the automatic code refactoring

    CodeIt.Right's biggest benefit is the automatic code ...

  5. Total Visual Code Tools

    Brand: FMS
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    About Total Visual Code Tools

    Ensure consistent coding standards across your development ... team. Total Visual Code Tools is a collection of professional ... code-centric tools and utilities to help ensure standards, reduce ...

  6. Total Visual Code Tools supports MS Office 2010

    and earlier operating systems. VBA Code Parsing Supports Access/Office ... 2010 - The VBA code parser that underlies the Code Cleanup, ... Code Delivery, and Unused Variable Analysis supports the new ...

  7. CodeRush

    Detect and consolidate duplicate code

    Color Swatches in Code - Change the color using CodeRush's ... Hinting - Show code that's going to change so you can see ... making changes. Code Issues - Show errors, warnings, hints ...

  8. About CodeRush

    Create better code, more quickly. CodeRush helps ... creativity. CodeRush will help you create sophisticated code blocks ... in seconds and extend code templates instantly. CodeRush ...

  9. CodeAssist

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    About CodeAssist

    and time consuming steps from the hands-on part of the code ... Visual Basic, HTML or SQL code. Infragistics CodeAssist ... to generate code based on multiple tables or existing QueryDefs ...

  10. Creating Code Templates - SmartFields

    The SmartFields are used to intelligently insert the contents of the Data Object into the template. ...

  11. Total Access CodeTools

    Brand: FMS
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    About Total Access CodeTools

    Write and modify Access module code. Total Access ... and modifying Access module code. Simplify your job of developing Access ... it easier to ship robust applications, quickly write solid code ...

  12. Total Access CodeTools Prices

    Total Access CodeTools - for Access 97 1 Developer License Mfr. Part No: TACT8 Our Part No: 513568-29363 5 Developer License Mfr. Part No: TACT8-5 Our Part No: 513568-29364 1 Developer Upgrade License from previous version Mfr. Part No: TACT8-U Our Part No: 513568-54033 5 Developer Upgrade License ...

  13. CodeFluent Entities

    Brand: SoftFluent
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    CodeFluent Entities Prices

    Professional Edition Perpetual License Mfr. Part No: CFE-01 Our Part ... No: 541522-450619 Enterprise Edition Perpetual License Mfr. ... Part No: CFE-02 Our Part No: 541522-450620 Ultimate Edition ...

  14. What's New in CodeFluent Entities

    What's new in CodeFluent Entities 2012 New Feature: Support for Visual Studio 11 Beta. New Feature: Support for CTRL+A has been added to the Method Editor form. New Feature: Implements and SetImplements rules are now supported at project level by the BOM producer. New Feature: Added ...

  15. VSCommands 2010

    Brand: DPStudio
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    About VSCommands 2010

    VSCommands provides code navigation and code generation improvements ... which will make your everyday coding tasks faster and more ... Assistance, Navigation and Search, and Code Assistance. VSCommands ...

  16. Working with code branches.

    New Quickly identify solutions and branches open in different Visual Studio instances with help of Solution Badges. ...

  17. SQL Pretty Printer

    About SQL Pretty Printer

    Formats SQL code making it easy to understand & cuts ... code. Using hotkey functionality, SQL Pretty Printer can ... and EditPlus. In addition to beautifying SQL code, SQL Pretty Printer ...

  18. What's New in SQL Pretty Printer

    What's New in SQL Pretty Printer 3.4.6 [format option] new format option: commaInsideList [format option] new format option: AlignJoinCondition [format option] new format option: CTEComma [format option] new format option: Createtable_fields_alignWithCreateKeyword [formatter] bug fix of align ...

  19. Code Compare Pro

    Brand: Devart
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    About Code Compare Pro

    Source Code file and folder comparison tool. CodeCompare ... of source code comparison. Advanced comparison approaches, which ... a significant advantage in source code comparison. CodeCompare Pro ...

  20. Code Compare Pro Prices

    Code Compare Pro V4 1-2 Professional Edition License - ... 541112-691114 3-5 Professional Edition License - with 1 Year ... Professional Edition License - with 1 Year Subscription - price per ...