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    Description: for organizing hierarchical relationships in SharePoint lists. A picker dialog allows you to select data from ... Convert existing standard Lookup column to COVRI Parent Selector columns and use data filtering, picker ... data from large lists. Standard Lookup columns can be easily converted to Parent Selector columns ... Read more

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    Description: SharePoint lookup with the capability of providing filtered data. COVRI Cascaded Lookup Column ... relationships between parent and child columns i.e the data selection in parent field(s) will determine ... and the target list. COVRI Cascaded lookup is a unique lookup with capability of providing filtered data. Usually ... Read more

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    Description: Access to live data from popular databases, CRM, ERP, Accounting Systems, Marketing Automation ... comprehensive access to application, database, and Web API data through familiar and easy-to-use tools. ... DataCmdlets are powerful tools that enable powershell users to quickly and easily work with live data from ... Read more Show more results from this product

  4. Release Notes: Adds new drivers for Amazon Athena, Excel Online, Shopify and Act CRM. New Drivers Act CRM Amazon Athena Azure Management Excel Online Salesforce Eninstein Shopify Slack Splunk Survey Monkey New Beta Drivers Instagram SAP Business One SAP Hybris C4C Zendesk ... Read more

  5. Release Notes: Enhancements - CData Drivers for NoSQL and Big Data have been extended with new capabilities for SQL to NoSQL ... data connectivity. The drivers now support 'relational modeling' of hierarchical data ... . The initial 2018 release supports this data access capability across a handful of data sources. The initial ... Read more

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    Description: compromising individual list item data. The SharePoint Choice Indicator feature is an extension of the default ... specified criteria; Two-way conversion between the SharePoint Choice feature and the Choice Indicator ... lists without compromising individual list item data. The SharePoint Choice Indicator feature ... Read more

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    Description: Visuals for Microsoft Power BI provide you with more data in less space. The Visuals provide smooth ... animations for every interaction which leads to a better understanding of data navigation. All this makes ... of navigating the data. More Efficiency - With unlimited drill-down, drill-up and ?ne tune zoom functions you ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Customer Testimonial: Huge time savings. Drill-down, drill-up smooth way. Back and zoom out buttons - just drop the visual and all is there. Anastasia Strokova, Project Leader BI and Analytics, Tyson Foods ... Read more

  9. Pricing: ZoomCharts Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI - Advanced Timeline Chart 1 User License per Year Our Part No: 554645-1047137 10 User License per Year Our Part No: 554645-1047139 100 User License per Year Our Part No: 554645-1047140 1000 User License per Year Our Part No: 554645-1047141 5000 User ... Read more

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  11. Description: meta-data easy by enabling viewing while the user is indexing the document. PDF Bookmarks A slide-out panel ... collaboration work-space. Interactive Conversations 67% of SharePoint users constantly or frequently attach ... for highlighting key exhibits and passages and having conversations right within the document without the content ... Read more

  12. Licensing: Conversations Clips (links to selected areas of documents) Property Editor Key Word Search The features listed ... Read more

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    Description: pass sign and encrypt, and analytical functions over VARCHAR2 and BLOB data. Keys can be used ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Release Notes: Allows customization of the OpenPGP Version header field in the ASCII armored output format. Turn On/Off inclusion of the Modification Detection Code packet (integrity protection) in encrypted and signed and encrypted messages. (This is in relation to the EFAIL attack and recent changes in GnuPG ... Read more

  15. Release Notes: Adds new method to accept the file name label associated with encrypted CLOB data. Added ... ORA_PGP.ENCRYPT_CLOB - additional methods that accept the file name label associated with the encrypted CLOB data. ... Read more

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    Description: Provides PL/SQL functions for RSA encryption, decryption, creation and verification of digital signatures. DidiSoft OraRSA is a PL/SQL package (ORA_RSA) providing RSA asymmetric (public and private) key cryptography functionality for the PL/SQL programming language in the Oracle (c) Database ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Compatibility: Add-in Type Oracle Database Compatible Container Oracle Database 12 Oracle Database 11 ... Read more

  18. Pricing: OraRSA v1.1.0 1 Developer License (Includes 1 year Email support and updates) Our Part No: 553602-927259 OraRSA v1.1.0 - 1 Year Subscription Renewal 1 Developer Subscription Renewal (Includes 1 year Email support and updates) Our Part No: 553602-927260 ... Read more

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    Release Notes: data provider. Contexts are now thread-safe. Added support for using TGUID as an entity key ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Release Notes: with incorrect displaying of EntityDeveloper version. Fixed bug inserting datetime2 data using the ADO data ... Read more

  21. Description: polymorphism and other OOP features. To retrieve data from a database, LINQ is used as a database independent ... a database is developed first, then a data model and application classes are generated on the basis ... of the existing database. Model-First - a data model is developed first in a model developer tool, then a database ... Read more

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    Description: System.XML, Sytem.Data, and so on, as well as to any and all third party or open source libraries written ... and third party libraries, such as RemObjects' own Data Abstract for Cocoa, are fully accessible ... sets of tools and conversions that a Java Language app would go through, but all fully integrated ... Read more