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    About Dynamic-CD for ASP

    Description: information on your CD, so that only permitted users can access your sensitive data by typing in a correct ... Read more

  2. About Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net

    Description: tags, real-time data servers and user-defined functions. Add-in Express for Office and .NET is your ... including COM add-ins, smart tags, real-time data servers (RTDs), user-defined function add-ins (UDFs, ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Screenshots: A sample Excel real-time data server in Excel 2010. ... Read more

  4. Features: Server A sample Excel real-time data server in Excel 2010. ... Read more

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    About Krypton Suite

    Description: Add Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon and navigation features to your applications. Component Factory Krypton Suite currently includes Krypton Ribbon, Krypton Navigator, Krypton Docking and Krypton Workspace. Krypton Ribbon is a Office 2007 and 2010 stile Ribbon component with rich design time support so ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Support: Software Required: .NET Framework V2.0 or higher ... Read more

  7. Screenshots: All purchases of the Krypton Suite include the full source code for all the Suite components including the free Krypton Toolkit. The source is written in C# and provided with Visual Studio project and solution files. Products currently included are Krypton Ribbon, Krypton WorkSpace, krypton Docking ... Read more

  8. Spread COM Buy Now

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Grid Components
    About Spread COM

    Description: of the data, plenty of events to respond to user changes and an impressive feature list for everything ... Read more Show more results from this product

  9. Screenshots: Spread makes it easy to code almost any custom data presentation your customers need. ... Read more

  10. Screenshots: Supports OLE drag and drop. Drag and drop data anywhere in the spreadsheet control. ... Read more

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    About ActiveReports 9

    Description: and BandedList data regions. Store reports as files that can be loaded at run time. Supports RPX and RDLX ... and alignment toolbars, report control z-order, data source dialogs and parameter dialogs Design report ... reports from SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access. Supports ADO.NET data providers, ADO.NET data ... Read more Show more results from this product

  12. Screenshots: Visualize your data using new graphical components, including; Maps, Bullets and Spark-lines. ... Read more

  13. Screenshots: .NET data sources allow you to connect to any of the standard databases, plus .NET in-memory ... Read more

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    About SlickEdit for Mac OS X

    Licensing: to the Server computer located at any site indicated on the invoice and which are accessing the same data ... Read more

  15. About ActiveReports 2 for ActiveX/COM

    Description: ActiveScripting (VB/Script/JScript) events and expressions and XML data sources. The Professional Edition adds ... Read more Show more results from this product

  16. Screenshots: Reports can be grouped by using GroupHeaders/Footers with their DataField properties set to the database field being grouped on. ... Read more

  17. Features: syntax-highlighting script editor New! ActiveReports for ActiveX/COM 1.0 upsizer. Includes data bound text, checkbox, ... Data Access Supports DAO, RDO, ADO New! Support for XML data sources and XPath, XSL expressions ... Supports unbound data from arrays, collections, and other data providers Binds to recordsets and resultsets ... Read more

  18. About DevExpress Universal

    Description: of developers targeting the WinForms platform. Whether building Office Inspired or data centric Business ... data visualization widgets. DevExtreme Windows 8 XAML Controls - DevExpress Windows 8 XAML ... to customize each aspect of data representation – from axes and diagram backgrounds to legend and titles. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  19. Release Notes: Thursday, June 25, 2015 Updates in 15.1.4 DXControls for WPF Define custom elements in the TabPanel of DXTabControl. eXpressApp Framework Improved SchedulerListEditor makes it easier to create its descendants. Added support for creating reports for a non-persistent type via CollectionDataSource. ... Read more

  20. Release Notes: Property Grid, Data Editors, Range Control, Rating Control, Ribbon, Menus, Layout, Navigation Bar, Tile ... Contacts View with integrated data shaping and editing capabilities. WPF Report Designer (CTP) - Integrated ... a pivot table for multi-dimensional data analysis. HTML 5 Scheduler (optimized for web apps) - Display ... Read more

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    About PhpStorm

    Release Notes: data is shown directly in the editor, with variable values integrated smoothly into the editor’s ... Read more Show more results from this product

  22. What's New: support makes it possible to use PHP 7 in new projects. Inline Debugger for PHP - All debugging data ... Read more

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    About UltraEdit

    Description: support for SFTP and FTPS (Control only, Control and data, Implicit) Ability to set a remote (server ... Read more Show more results from this product

  24. Features: combined view without conversion All copy/cut/paste functions available for manipulating hex data Copy ... HTML source or raw RTF Cut/Copy and append to existing data on clipboard Copy full file path and name ... logon and save (32-Bit only) Support for SFTP (SSH2) and FTPS (Control only, Control and data, Implicit) ... Read more

  25. What's New: to the following: Column Mode Undo/Redo Word Wrap File Conversions FTP/SFTP New/Open/Close Scripting List Lines ... Read more