database connectivity - Oracle Solaris Studio - Most Downloaded

  1. 1. FlexGantt Buy Now

    Brand: DLSC
    Primary Category: Scheduling Components

    Description: will only be transferred from the server (or database) to the client when the user actually requests it. ... Read more

  2. 2. JSuite Buy Now

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Chart Components
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    Features: component for Java developers. The DataTableJ uses Infragistics data models for quick database connectivity ... The JSuite includes: Advanced N-Tier Data Models - Connect JSuite components to any data source ... with minimal coding. Infragistics data models feature an n-tier architecture that seamlessly connect streaming ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. What's New: Users are all the people / other systems which have a role id in a system. ConnectionPool The Connection ... Pooling component maintains a specified pool of connections at start up. Whenever a client makes a call ... to get connection, if a connection is available then the connection is returned. If a connection ... Read more

  4. Description: of the Java Developer Kit (JDK). Advanced data connectivity is also included for XML, JDBC, URL, file, ... Read more

  5. 3. PDFlib Buy Now

    Brand: PDFlib
    Primary Category: PDF Components
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    Features: – reflecting user input or dynamic data retrieved from web or database servers. The optional add-on ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Release Notes: with connected glyphs. Modified treatment of H7 headings in PDF/UA files according to PDF/UA-1 Technical ... Read more

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    Compatibility: Operating System for Deployment Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Sun Solaris 8 HP-UX 11.x HP-UX 10.x HP-UX 9.x IBM AIX 5.x IBM AIX 4.3.x Linux Kernel V2.4.x FreeBSD FreeBSD 4.x Architecture of Product 32Bit 64Bit Compaq Alpha (DEC) MAC Product Type Component Component Type Java ... Read more

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    Description: and relationships, Graphs and networks, Entity-relationship / database diagrams; IVR systems, Industrial automation ... Read more

  9. Description: and support for indexing of Microsoft Access databases via ODBC. dtSearch Engine for Linux  (32-bit / 64-bit) ... provide hit-highlighted displays of other popular file types (word processor, database, spreadsheet, email ... of Microsoft Access databases via ODBC. dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux Features: 25+ fielded ... Read more

  10. 7. e.Spreadsheet Engine Archived

    Primary Category: Spreadsheet Components

    Description: access and format data from any data source: Tap into databases, XML, or text files and automate ... for accessing databases, text files, XML, and other data sources and delivering Excel, XML, or HTML reports ... complete Java application development platform from IDE to database to application server Actuate ... Read more

  11. Features: component, its J2SE Clients and the Database server. The JDBC Mediator J2SE classes are a convenient way ... the JDBC code. The JSP Application applies J2SE methods to certain rows from the database and lists ... Read more

  12. Description: your browser. Synthetic JDBC - we use a JSP component to perform EJB calculations on SQL database ... columns from a remote DBMS. We apply an EJB function to certain rows from the database and list the output ... Read more

  13. Description: - A J2SE Component which mediates between a J2SE component, its J2SE Clients and the Database ... J2SE methods to certain rows from the database and lists the output in HTML format. ... Read more