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    Brand: PDFlib
    Primary Category: PDF Components
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    About PDFlib+PDI

    Description: data retrieved from web or database servers. The PDF Import Library (PDI) can be used to integrate ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Release Notes: with connected glyphs. Modified treatment of H7 headings in PDF/UA files according to PDF/UA-1 Technical ... Read more

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    About InstallAnywhere Premier

    Description: of databases, web sites, XML editing and much more with InstallAnywhere’s graphical development environment. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  4. Release Notes: Create installs that connect to IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. ... Read more

  5. Release Notes: Updates in 2015 SP1 InstallAnywhere now supports the following platforms for the installer run-time environment, as well as for the InstallAnywhere authoring environment: OS X El Capitan (10.11) with Oracle Java 7 or 8. OS X installers now correctly detect the specified locale for all languages and ... Read more

  6. About InstallShield Express

    Description: with advanced support for SQL databases, IIS web sites, XML editing and much more with InstallShield's ... Read more Show more results from this product

  7. Release Notes: Deployments (Premier and Professional) - New SQL Azure database scripting capabilities enable software ... Read more

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    About TIFF Image Printer

    Description: Convert anything into a high-quality TIFF image. With TIFF Image Printer, if you can print it, you can distribute or archive it electronically as a high-quality TIFF image file; word processing documents, graphic application files, accounting spreadsheets, legal files, and more. TIFF Image Printer ... Read more Show more results from this product

  9. Release Notes: Updated the install to allow for installing under the SYSTEM account via SCCM. Resolved issue with PNSrv11.exe randomly crashing when printing. Updated the install to allow for installing under the SYSTEM account via SCCM and installer now forces ALLUSERS to TRUE when installing under SYSTEM. ... Read more

  10. Release Notes: Updates in 11.0.004 Fixes: For very large images that do not fit in memory software processes the images in bands. Peernet fixed a one pixel error when banded images are upside down which created a one pixel gap in between the bands when reassembled into a single image. ... Read more

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    About IP*Works! C++ Edition

    Features: IPInfo - A collection of DNS and other database functions. Used to resolve direct and reverse DNS queries ... address NetDial - Allow access to Windows RAS API for management of Internet and RAS dialup connections ... Read more Show more results from this product

  12. What's New: addressing and support for 64-bit architectures have been enabled to make your connectivity application ... connections, configurable performance optimization properties, etc. HTMLMailer & FileMailer - Send HTML ... complete HTTP 1.1 support including methods for chunking, range, and persistent connections IMAP - CRAM MD5 ... Read more

  13. FlexGantt Buy Now

    Brand: DLSC
    Primary Category: Scheduling Components
    About FlexGantt

    Description: will only be transferred from the server (or database) to the client when the user actually requests it. ... Read more

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    About TeeChart for Java

    Compatibility: Operating System for Deployment Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Sun Solaris 8 HP-UX 11.x HP-UX 10.x HP-UX 9.x IBM AIX 5.x IBM AIX 4.3.x Linux Kernel V2.4.x FreeBSD FreeBSD 4.x Architecture of Product 32Bit 64Bit Compaq Alpha (DEC) MAC Product Type Component Component Type Java ... Read more

  15. JSuite Buy Now

    Brand: Infragistics
    Primary Category: Chart Components
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    About JSuite

    Features: component for Java developers. The DataTableJ uses Infragistics data models for quick database connectivity ... The JSuite includes: Advanced N-Tier Data Models - Connect JSuite components to any data source ... with minimal coding. Infragistics data models feature an n-tier architecture that seamlessly connect streaming ... Read more Show more results from this product

  16. What's New: Users are all the people / other systems which have a role id in a system. ConnectionPool The Connection ... Pooling component maintains a specified pool of connections at start up. Whenever a client makes a call ... to get connection, if a connection is available then the connection is returned. If a connection ... Read more

  17. Description: of the Java Developer Kit (JDK). Advanced data connectivity is also included for XML, JDBC, URL, file, ... Read more

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    About RapidSpell Web Java

    Description: Add spell checker functionality and value into Web applications with a couple of lines of JSP code. RapidSpell Web Java provides JSP developers and designers with a cross browser (and multi client platform) web Tag that requires no client installation, no special security settings and as much ... Read more Show more results from this product

  19. Release Notes: Updates in v5.0 Spell check options dialog added. Added support for the context menu key on the keyboard, and enabled selection of suggestion menu items with keyboard. Edge browser support added. jQuery UI based dialog mode added (for Javascript based usage only). Modal mode improvement to use ... Read more

  20. Compatibility: Firefox 3.6 Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Mozilla Firefox 3.0 JBuilder 9 JBuilder 7 JBuilder 6 Oracle Database 9i ... Read more

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    DataBase of Images

    Screenshots: You are able to display images stored in a database. You can also navigate through them using ... Read more Show more results from this product

  22. Description: TGA, IMG, DXF, PCX, DCX). It also includes built-in database support for writing and reading image data ... Read more

  23. Features: Support for Visual Basic makes creating Image Enabled Database apps a snap Enhanced Image Display support ... printers ImageMan Database Support ImageMan's API includes functions for writing and reading image ... data from memory blocks making it ideal for use with databases. Functions are also included to read ... Read more