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  1. Virto Custom List Form Extender

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    Date Picker

    Custom Date Picker designed via JQuery. ...

  2. About Virto Custom List Form Extender

    and dynamic JQuery Date Picker. Auto complete option (using values ...

  3. DateTime Column

    Brand: ArtfulBits
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    About DateTime Column

    picker. The column allows you to select dates and times, restrict ... Date Time controls cross-browser compatible (Internet Explorer, ... Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome). DateTime Column picker works ...

  4. DateTime Column Prices

    DateTime Column V1.4 Single SharePoint Farm License Our Part No: 541607-386701 Single SharePoint Farm License with 1 Year Support Subscription (support and software updates) Our Part No: 541607-386702 1 Year Support Subscription Renewal (support and software updates) Our Part No: 541607-386703 ...

  5. Smart Filter Pro


    About Smart Filter Pro

    including range validation. Datedate picker. Choice – single ... User/Group – user/group picker. Form – parameters passed by URL ...

  6. List Search


    About List Search

    of possible values is shown For date columns a date picker is shown ...

  7. ComponentOne Ultimate + Wijmo Enterprise

    About ComponentOne Ultimate + Wijmo Enterprise

    Special Offer Bundle, combines ComponentOne Ultimate and Wijmo Enterprise. ComponentOne Ultimate and Wijmo Enterprise Bundle is aimed at any developer considering moving into HTML5 develoment. ComponentOne Ultimate includes datagrids, user interface controls, charting, reporting, scheduling and ...

  8. ComponentOne Ultimate + Wijmo Enterprise Licensing

    at midnight on the previous day to the date purchased. For example ... will expire at midnight on 03/May/2011. This is from date of purchase, ... and not date of registration. If you wish to continue to receive ...

  9. ComponentOne Ultimate

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    C1 Studio Ultimate adds MVC Wijmo controls

    enhanced with Wijmo Wijmo-enhanced EditorTemplates like Date ... Picker, Numeric Input, Slider, and more Studio for Silverlight/WPF ...

  10. ComponentOne Ultimate 2011 v3 released

    Provides a single, intuitive UI for selecting date and time values. ...

  11. Virto Calendar for SharePoint

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    Features of Virto Calendar for SharePoint

    to display in the calendar • • • Date Picker for Quick Navigation • • ... Multi-lingual • • • Custom Filed Caption • • • Date Jump • • • Calendar ... with a simple resizing Action • • • Drag and Drop for Event Date ...

  12. About Virto Calendar for SharePoint

    working with SharePoint easy and pleasant. To change the date ...

  13. ApexSQL Monitor

    Brand: ApexSQL
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    What's New in ApexSQL Monitor

    through the charts history via the date/time picker or navigation ...

  14. About ApexSQL Monitor

    reaches a pre-defined critical value Up to date support for SQL ... and 2005 Up to date support for Windows - Full support for Windows ...

  15. Resco MobileApp Studio Windows Phone 7 Edition

    Brand: Resco
    Category: Form Components

    About Resco MobileApp Studio Windows Phone 7 Edition

    into several sub-pages Day picker for Windows Phone 7 - Resco ... in two different ways: DatePicker - to select date WeekDayPicker ... - to select week date, typically used in calendar ...

  16. Calendar Web Part

    Brand: ArtfulBits
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    About Calendar Web Part

    date navigation (using cross-browser Date & Time ... picker)      Ability to switch between "Work Week" ...