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  1. About Calendar Tools

    Description: definable start and end dates, drag and drop functionality, and more. ctDropDate is a drop down calendar ... for date selection and date navigation. ctDate presents a month of dates with view and selection options. ... with user definable start and end dates. Create and track appointments with colors, pictures, task bars, ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Screenshots: A drop down date combo box capable of editing dates. ... Read more

  3. Screenshots: A simple month calendar. ... Read more

  4. About COM Tools

    Description: a date edit, time and date picker control ctDropDate > a drop down calendar date selection control ... Read more

  5. About Studio Controls for COM

    Description: free - appointment scheduling, Outlook Bar style navigation, calendar, date selection, navigation ... for multiple resources. ct DropDate - date-edit object with a built-in drop-down calendar, smart data-entry ... ct Date - a monthly calendar presenting one or two months at a time. ct Month - a customizable month ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. What's New: What's New in version 1.7 ctxCalendar v2.0 - New for Studio Controls COM, ctxCalendar combines the best of three appointment scheduling worlds into one 32 bit ActiveX control. Multi Column Day View, Monthly Calendar, Week View. Load Data once and present Appointment, Contact, Location and Task ... Read more

  7. Screenshots: ctDate is a quick and simple way to add date presentations and date selection capability. ctDate ... is a visual representation of a monthly calendar presenting one or two months at a time. For date selection ... end users need only to click on the desired date. Display options include independent weekend colors, ... Read more

  8. About Studio Controls COM 64

    Description: 64 Bit Unicode ActiveX Controls for Modern Windows UX Design. Studio Controls COM 64 contains 19 royalty-free Unicode compliant 32 and 64 bit ActiveX / COM controls for modern Windows UI designs, data management and Scheduling application development. Component options include: Appointment ... Read more

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    About DBI Corporate Suite

    Description: 100+ Scheduling and UI controls. DBI Corporate Suite is a complete collection of user interface design, user experience and Enterprise Resource Planning and Schedule controls for WPF, WinForms, Silverlight and ActiveX. DBI Corporate Suite includes Calendar Silverlight, Calendar WPF, Solutions ... Read more

  10. About Studio Controls R4

    Description: individual personalities as end- users demand: Date, DropDate, MDay, Days, Alarm, Week, Contact, DayView, PIM ... Calendars: Create your own style and calendar presentations with:  Calendar, Date, Month,and Year controls. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Screenshots: Create your own style and calendar presentations with Studio Controls R4's ctDate, ctYear,ctMonth, dbiMonth ... Read more

  12. About Component Toolbox

    Description: fills, multi-column listbar, ToolBar navigation, Date/Time and Data Edits, Lists and Tree Views. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  13. What's New: What's New in Component ToolBox V7.x? ctCombo XML data and XML styles support ControlStyle property added New and enhanced XP styles ctDEdit XML data and XML styles support New and enhanced XP styles ctExplorerBar New component for Component Toolbox OCX version 7.0 ... Read more

  14. Screenshots: The ctColor object is a control used to activate the color common dialogue window. ... Read more

  15. About Codejock Suite Pro

    Release Notes: Adds new FrameShadow component. Added FrameShadow component. Added VB6, C# and VB.NET samples for Frame Shadow. Calendar System defined format of year/month string added to DatePicker. Month and day names added to DatePicker. CommandBars DialogBar.CaptionPopup property added. Controls Control re ... Read more Show more results from this product

  16. Description: Calendar - Calendar provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Outlook style calendar and date ... Read more

  17. Features: or a date picker of your own into the table cells. Printing and Print Preview Offer your customers ... Main Features Include: Bars Represent your data, dates, durations, and degrees of completion ... orders or tasks taking resources, work in processes well as delivery dates into account. Two optimization ... Read more Show more results from this product

  18. Licensing: application and vice versa - PERT/CPM scheduling for early and late dates as well as total and free Histogram ... in progress and delivery dates into account as planning - Loading capacity as soon as possible for fast ... Read more

  19. What's New: creating a node would display a wrong date. Times in the AM/PM time format could not be edited. Modifying ... Read more

  20. Drop date

    Screenshots: ctDropDate is a date edit control with a drop calendar. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  21. Screenshots: ctDEdit is a date/time edit control. ... Read more

  22. Description: calendar, Contacts, and a date edit with a drop down calendar. To find out what's new for V3.0 please ... Read more