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    Customer Review: The demonstration samples install routine which requires you to sit at the PC for what seems like ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Added UndoStack sample that demonstrates how to create a class that provides form-level undo/redo ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Release Notes: or Doc-To-Help's XML-based editor. DemoWorks - produce professional quality demonstration videos without having ... Read more

  4. Description: such as Web Upload, WebForm, FileMailer, TraceRoute, and more. Includes sample ASP pages demonstrating how ... Read more

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    Description: an editor of XML commands. Dozens of ready-made examples demonstrating the most important functions ... Read more

  6. Description: as scalable ASP applications PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX Sample Projects FTP ProxyLogin – Demonstrates how to use ... Written using Access97 FTP ListView – Demonstrates an FTP Client application using blocking techniques. ... Written in Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6, PowerBuilder and Delphi 4 FTP MListView – Demonstrates a robust ... Read more

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    Description: and futures trading information Easily create your own search engine Sample Projects: PageFetch - Demonstrates ... how to fetch a web page Post Demo - Demonstrates how to post information to a web site LinkSpider - ... Demonstrates how a spider can be built to search for information on the Web WebAlive - Compares the download ... Read more

  8. Release Notes: method. Examples and Samples New sample application LightBoxDemo demonstrates LightBox Dialog. ... BCGPControls: demonstrates Property Grid alternate rows and Animation control DPI auto-scaling. ... BCGPInternetExplorerDemo: shows how to add a state animation to MDI tabs. ComboBoxDemo: demonstrates how to specify combo ... Read more Show more results from this product

  9. Release Notes: upon resizing of custom child windows. Examples and Samples BCGPControls: demonstrates how to hide ... "Today" button in the date/time picker. BCGPMSOfficeDemo: demonstrates thin sliders in Office 2013/2016 ... Read more

  10. Release Notes: to clipboard You can use this control instead of multi-line static text. New sample InfoBoxDemo demonstrates ... BCGPGaugesDemo: demonstrates how to use gauge level bars. BCGPGridExample: “Cell Types” view demonstrates how ... to use custom tooltips. BCGPMSOfficeDemo: demonstrates usage of Windows 10 Accent color (Office 2013/2016 ... Read more

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    Description: Projects Secure FTP Client – Demonstrates a simple secure FTP client that can be used with the Secure FTP ... Server sample. (VB6 only) Secure FTP Server – Uses the SecureFtpServer Control to demonstrate a simple ... secure FTP server. Use it with the Secure FTP client. (VB6 only) Secure Web Client – Demonstrates ... Read more

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    Description: activity (post, put, get) from the server side. Sample Projects: PageFetch Demonstrates a simple HTTP ... application that fetches a web page Post Demonstrates a simple HTTP POST application LinkSpider Demonstrates ... Read more

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    Description: without doing anything else Echo Server Uses the Server and Service Controls to demonstrate an Echo Server ... to the requestor Flash Server - Demonstrates how to send messages to a (Macromedia) Flash Client using Flash ... 5's XMLSocket Object Proxy Server - Demonstrates how to use PowerTCP to perform the functions ... Read more