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  1. Release Notes: services (Azure, Amazon, Dropbox). DevExpress Document Server - Adds XLSX/XLSM file encryption, plus now ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: of the encryption key length. ExpressQuantumGrid Suite Calling the Grid table item's GetProperties function ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Release Notes: an empty string within a document encrypted using the AES 128 algorithm. In certain cases, loading ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: at design time in RadStudio 10.2 Tokyo. Export to PDF - All the resulting encrypted PDF files share the same ... PDF document. Export to PDF - Protecting a PDF file with the RC4 128-bit encryption generates ... an invalid encryption key in certain cases. TdxPSEngineController OptionsSorting on UNC Path. ... Read more

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    Description: text, encryption...). Extract text from a PDF (full page content or text within a specific area). Search ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Release Notes: encrypt, add watermarks and barcodes etc... Improvement of the autodeskew, auto crop and automatic document ... Read more

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    Brand: PDFlib
    Primary Category: PDF Components
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    Description: including a new table formatter, PDF/A output for longtime archiving, AES encryption, integrated pCOS ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Release Notes: Adds SVG support for automatically rotating glyphs in vertical text. Tagged PDF and PDF/UA improvements. SVG support for automatically rotating glyphs in vertical text. Identify certain kinds of unsupported input data, e.g. OpenType font variations. Improved handling of damaged and non-standard ... Read more

  9. Release Notes: Adds suppoort for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, plus improved PDF/VT encapsulation of Form Xobjects. Improved PDF/VT encapsulation of Form XObjects The GTS_Encapsulated flag is now assigned to almost all Form XObjects created for imported PDF pages and SVG graphics with the "templateoptions ... Read more

  10. Release Notes: Updates in Q2 2014 IP*Works! Encrypt V9 - Encrypt and decrypt files, emails, documents ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Release Notes: encrypting/decrypting JSON Web Tokens. Support for all standard claims and the ability to add custom claims also ... included. IP*Works! Encrypt includes two new components, JWS and JWE, for supporting JSON Web Signatures ... and JSON Web Encryption for signing/verifying and encrypting/decrypting data in respective standard ... Read more

  12. Features: Internet protocol. Integrate secure Email communications via S/MIME encryption and digital certificates. ... Encrypt and decrypt files, emails, documents, and messages through major cryptographic standards. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: on instantiating an encrypted Excel file. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: in the Load and Save methods. Encrypted PDF Import - Text Control PDF import now supports encrypted files. ... A PDF may be encrypted, and may optionally be protected by a user password and an owner password. TX ... Text Control handles encryption internally and provides methods and events to implement a required ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Encryption and Data Integrity features supported in Direct mode. EZCONNECT format is supported in Direct ... Read more

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    Description: database drivers along with a built-in encrypted SQL datastore. With its user management and authentication ... Read more

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    Description: & PDF/A with lot of features (compression, shapes, text, encryption...). Extract text from a PDF (full ... Read more