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  1. About DevExpress DXperience

    Release Notes: in WinForms controls. PDF Viewer - New API handles touch/mouse input to perform custom drawing. TimeSpanEdit - ... for document protection. ASPxBinaryImage - Added ability to read an uploaded file name. ASPxCardView - New ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Screenshots: ASP.NET File Explorer Control Read more

  3. Description: Editing HTML Editor Analyitcs Charting Gauge Controls Pivot Grid File Management File Manager Upload ... of thought, navigate your project files more efficiently, run unit tests, find and fix defects faster. ... tool that handles all aspects of database creation and object persistence, allowing you to concentrate ... Read more

  4. About DevExpress Universal

    Release Notes: in WinForms controls. PDF Viewer - New API handles touch/mouse input to perform custom drawing. TimeSpanEdit - ... for document protection. ASPxBinaryImage - Added ability to read an uploaded file name. ASPxCardView - New ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Release Notes: - Added new Jump to Everything navigation, which allows you to jump to any file and symbol ... in the solution. DevExpress ASP.NET - New built-in Insert Media Dialogs allowing end-users to upload files to cloud ... services (Azure, Amazon, Dropbox). DevExpress Document Server - Adds XLSX/XLSM file encryption, plus now ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: to Microsoft Excel workbooks or CSV files. Office Inspired Ring/Line Animations - The WinForms Progress Panel ... The WinForms End-User Report Designer now allows users to handle the Scheduler control's reporting events. ... to handle events and write code to enable drag and drop for multiple nodes within the DevExpress WinForms ... Read more

  7. DevExpress WinForms 16.2.3 released

    Release Notes: and update items in code by handling corresponding events. Serialization: items can be copied/pasted, saved ... to understand. Item Appearance Customization - With this release, you can paint items manually by handling ... In addition, the resulting XPS file is approximately 20 times smaller. Pivot Grid Control Olap Ragged Hierarchy ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Release Notes: when the BeakLocation property is set to Left or Right. Image Picker - The "All Files" filter ... is missing in the open file dialog. ToolTipController - A tooltip is not shown on the top of its element ... Format Provider. Excel filtering - Enums are handled incorrectly. Grid - All data is fetched from a data ... Read more

  9. Release Notes: - The caption line is drawn behind the caption image. Inconsistent keyboard handling ... the designer file. The RemovingMRUItem event is not fired when MRUEdit is used as an in-place editor. ... to Control. The BestFit method causes the NullReferenceException when the CustomColumnWidth event is handled ... Read more

  10. About Aspose.Total for .NET

    Customer Review: Our clients are using our software for sharing plans and documents in multiple file fomats. We ... on all of these files. We need to export preview images from PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. Also we need some ... manipulations for PDF files like stamping and drawing. Aspose.Total makes these tasks easy. Especially ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Description: Add charting, email, spell checking, barcode creation and popular file format management to your ... With Aspose Total for .NET you will be able to programmatically manage some of the most popular file formats ... used in business: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, PDF and Flash. Aside from the file management ... Read more

  12. Customer Review: with many thousands of PDF file with various PDF file formats/versions and results were very convincing. ... Read more

  13. 5. ActiveReports Buy Now

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Reporting Components
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    ActiveReports 11 Service Pack 1 released

    Release Notes: Includes several enhancements to the HTML5 viewer and a new Lookup function. SVG Rendering - ActiveReports now uses Scalable Vector Graphics technology to render charts in the HTML5 viewer. This keeps curves smooth and angles sharp, even when you zoom in. The SVG rendering also sharpens the Table ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Release Notes: Faster PDF export file generation 60% Smaller peak memory footprint Composite Charts - Use the new ... for JSON Data - Source data from JSON files, web services and REST API using the new built in JSON data ... Files - With the new built in CSV Data Provider, you can use comma separated, tab separated and other ... Read more

  15. Description: and BandedList data regions. Store reports as files that can be loaded at run time. Supports RPX and RDLX ... classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataReader, DataView), ODP.NET (Oracle data provider), XML files, and custom ... satelite assemblies. Included with the installation are the complete set of resource files needed ... Read more

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    About Altova XMLSpy Enterprise XML Editor

    Release Notes: for PXF (Portable XML Form) file format  Support for .NET 4.0 scripting  Ability to add additional .NET ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Release Notes: Updates in 2011r2 Embedding external files in XML Customizable documentation generation ... Read more

  18. Description: XML-related technologies. It offers the world’s leading schema designer, code generation, file converters, ... files XML differencing Assigning & verifying XML digital signatures Embedding external files (e.g., ... Automatic XPath generation for XML nodes XPath execution across a project and/or multiple files XQuery Tools ... Read more

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    About DevExpress WPF

    Release Notes: 16.2.4. The VectorLayer.SelectedItems property does not handle the CollectionChanged events. ... to the project automatically after running the DataSource wizard. DocumentPreviewControl - Export to a Pdf file ... definition file. WPF Report Designer - It is impossible to change the Font appearance of a styled control. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Release Notes: and are cut off). The DropDownButtonChrome element updates states even when mouse events are being handled ... for the 'Export To~' file dialog under all export formats. DocumentPreviewControl - Navigation operates ... ArgumentOutOfRangeException when all columns/rows are hidden. The fill handle position and resulting range are calculated ... Read more

  21. Release Notes: cannot check out the App.config file in certain scenarios when a user is changing the application theme ... TokenComboBoxEdit with tokens selected via mouse ListBoxEdit calls the ScrollIntoView method but doesn't handle ... The MouseDoubleClick event is handled incorrectly when an end-user double-clicks the Spelling Form's vertical ... Read more

  22. Infragistics Professional 16.2

    Release Notes: Moduling Support - All of IgniteUI JavaScript files contain AMD module definitions. Therefore these files ... display and reduced file size. igDataSource Label Styling - You can now specify the color of the funnel ... Read more Show more results from this product

  23. Release Notes: and work with Microsoft Word document files.  The library features the ability to write out styled text, ... controls. It also includes a special implementation that handles this for the WebDataGrid ... files, as well as providing them with a user interface for canceling these uploads. Silverlight Line ... Read more

  24. Features: and summaries to .XLS, .XLSX and ExcelML file formats. ... Read more

  25. File Explorer

    Screenshots: File Explorer Read more Show more results from this product

  26. Features: to include image viewing or provide file access and management, the suite ships with a fully integrated ... toolset so you can build your best, without limits. Image Slider Data Viewer File Explorer ... Read more

  27. Release Notes: property is enabled and date filtering is applied ASPxBinaryImage doesn't allow uploading PDF files ... in the DayCellInitialize event handler aren't displayed if the client-side CustomDisabledDate event is handled ... functionality doesn't work on iOS ASPxRichEdiTyping inside a nested table cell is handled incorrectly ... Read more

  28. About ComponentOne Studio

    Release Notes: PDF and PNG - The Grid and Chart controls now export their views to various file formats. Silverlight ... as well as support for importing/exporting geographic KML files. WPF Radial Context Menu - ... Read more Show more results from this product

  29. Description: as a simple table, and the data layer automatically handles updating and deleting of the physical rows ... is a standalone application for creating XML-based report definition files at design time. At run time, reports ... and saves data from a variety of heterogeneous sources, including popular file formats such as XML, PDF, ... Read more

  30. Release Notes: chart type selection, and palette selection. You can export these charts to different file formats ... OLAP applications. The engine stores data in memory-mapped files, which are retrieved instantly without ... any delay in importing these files. The Pivot Engine does not put any restriction on the size ... Read more