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  1. 1. Janus GridEX Buy Now

    Brand: Janus Systems
    Primary Category: Grid Components
    About Janus GridEX

    Features: layout definitions for Janus' grid to a file or to a formatted string, and even load layouts from ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Customer Review: just too simple... And then I tried Janus GridEx 2000... With a very good help file and a very useful ... Read more

  3. Customer Review: the borders of individual cells. Tech support is very good and the help file is of excellent quality. Toby ... Read more

  4. About Janus WinForms Controls Suite

    Release Notes: a layout file was not working properly under some circumstances. The scull button of the UITab control ... was not being applied properly after loading the new value from a Layout file. The Clone method ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Customer Review: add-ons). They use DocumentX to create the HTML Help 2 files and they have numerous examples / samples, ... you can get a bit 'lost'. However, once you get a handle on the basic structure ... Read more

  6. 3. Spread COM Buy Now

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Grid Components
    Importing and Exporting Files

    Screenshots: Spread can import and export Excel 97 and 2000 files. You can export data to many different files ... comma-delimited, other custom-delimited files ... Read more Show more results from this product

  7. Description: capabilities, including the ability to import and export Excel 97, 2000 and Excel 2007 files (requires the .NET ... data from many other sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, tab-delimited files, and custom-delimited ... files. File Export - Spread will export your data to multiple file formats including Excel, XML, HTML, ... Read more

  8. Release Notes: Adds methods to open and save Excel 2007 xlsx formatted files. SSOwnerPrintDraw ... and SSOwnerPrintPageCount functions. Methods to open and save Excel 2007 xlsx formatted files. The PMTXL formula function ... Read more

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    About ComponentOne Studio ActiveX

    Description: to handle both simple and complex sizing, a tabbing component to create notebook-style and Outlook-style ... is an enterprise charting tool that allows you to develop charts or graphs and serve them as JPEG or PNG files ... Read more Show more results from this product

  10. Specification: What's Included Ultimate Enterprise ASP.NET Web Forms ASP.NET MVC LightSwitch WinForms ActiveX WPF Silverlight UWP Xamarin Grids and Data Management CollectionView • •             • • • Data • •             •     DataExtender • •       •           DataGrid • •           • •     DataObjects • • ... Read more

  11. Licensing: Reporting Edition (ActiveX). VSView Reporting Edition includes at least one executable file listed ... as “VSRptX.exe” (where X indicates the version number i.e.7,8, etc.), known as “Designer.” The file ... Read more

  12. 5. ActiveReports Buy Now

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Reporting Components
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    About ActiveReports

    Description: and BandedList data regions. Store reports as files that can be loaded at run time. Supports RPX and RDLX ... classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataReader, DataView), ODP.NET (Oracle data provider), XML files, and custom ... satelite assemblies. Included with the installation are the complete set of resource files needed ... Read more Show more results from this product

  13. Release Notes: Faster PDF export file generation 60% Smaller peak memory footprint Composite Charts - Use the new ... for JSON Data - Source data from JSON files, web services and REST API using the new built in JSON data ... Files - With the new built in CSV Data Provider, you can use comma separated, tab separated and other ... Read more

  14. Release Notes: on cancelling an action performed on an rdlx file. An exception no longer occurs on assigning a dataset value ... added" error on loading an RTF file. In the RichTextBox, italic text is no longer clipped in the preview. ... Read more

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    Microsoft Excel Files

    Screenshots: Read and write native Microsoft Excel files. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  16. Release Notes: GcNumber, GcTextBox and GcTimeSpan. Enhanced Printing - Add security to your generated PDF files by password ... the application. Opening an Excel file from a stream with conditional formatting with formulas no longer throws ... Read more

  17. Release Notes: with loading XML files were fixed. The AllArrowsIgnoreMultiline option now works correctly in Korean culture. ... Certain XML files now load correctly. Copy and paste now work correctly. Performance issues with grouping ... imported from an Excel-formatted file. Spread for WPF Print settings are now imported correctly from ... Read more

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    About dBarcode.NET Dual Universal

    Description: be displayed on screen, printed on a printer, copied to the clipboard or saved as graphics file image. Includes ... methods for saving graphic images as files or memory streams with a specified resolution in BMP, GIF, ... Read more Show more results from this product

  19. Screenshots: be displayed on screen or printed on a printer, and the image may be passed to any other image-handling ... Read more

  20. Release Notes: allowing run-time movement of the control and other mouse events to be handled in code. ... Read more

  21. About ComponentOne Studio

    Release Notes: PDF and PNG - The Grid and Chart controls now export their views to various file formats. Silverlight ... as well as support for importing/exporting geographic KML files. WPF Radial Context Menu - ... Read more Show more results from this product

  22. Description: as a simple table, and the data layer automatically handles updating and deleting of the physical rows ... is a standalone application for creating XML-based report definition files at design time. At run time, reports ... and saves data from a variety of heterogeneous sources, including popular file formats such as XML, PDF, ... Read more

  23. Release Notes: with a new REST API Generate an Excel file from a .NET collection, data table, data view, XML, or JSON data. ... post an Excel file to get an XML document. Merge multiple Excel files to create a single file and keep ... Read more

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    About ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 Component

    Features: Serialization and Deserialization: Serialize SAML assertions to strings, streams, writers and files Deserialize ... SAML assertions from strings, files, streams and readers Convert between SAML assertions and XML ... Read more

  25. About ActiveReports 2 for ActiveX/COM

    Description: architecture that lets you use VB code, ActiveX, and OLE Objects in your reports so you can handle the toughest ... Read more Show more results from this product

  26. What's New: files (ActiveReports' custom XML file format), a style drop down box for applying global ... Read more

  27. Features: reort layout (RPX files) (application host independent) Enhanced! Java viewer based on JDK 1.3 ... Read more