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  2. Customer Review: Used for day to day work, I've taken the opportunity to purchase the suite for myself to further improve my skill-set in DevExpress products. As a winforms developer looking to move into web in future, I cannot recommend their suite of tools or their support highly enough. Chris Boot 5 United ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Major enhancements for ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, Reporting & HTML5/JS. DevExpress has released a major update across their entire product range. CodeRush - Adds new Simple Wrap formatting option. DevExpress ASP.NET - Adds new ASP.NET Bootstrap Scheduler control. DevExpress Office File API - ... Read more

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  7. Release Notes: by default in the following controls: Scheduler, Filter Editor, LayoutView and PDF Viewer. Map Control ... styles used by Microsoft UWP applications. To enable it, set the EnablePaneFooter property to true. PDF ... Viewer DirectX Rendering (Beta) - With this release, both the PDF Viewer for WinForms and PDF Document ... Read more

  8. Release Notes: dialog form is cancelled. NavigationService is not shown in MVVMContext's design-time window. PDF ... Processing (Common) Export - Too large metafiles cannot be exported as images. PDF Viewer Control - ... in version 17.2. An exception occurs on an attempt to export a report with merged table cells to a PDF file. ... Read more

  9. Customer Review: We evaluated many many PDF and image generation APIs for .NET and hands down Aspose wins. Really ... Read more Show more results from this product

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  11. Screenshots: Aspose.Total includes Aspose.Pdf to create PDF documents without utilizing Adobe Acrobat. ... Read more

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  13. Release Notes: with the new charting control. New PdfViewer Control View PDF documents in WPF. Use C1PdfViewer ... as a lightweight viewer for loading and saving arbitrary PDF files in WPF. Supports printing, paging, zooming ... Read more

  14. Release Notes: Updates in 2010 v1 ComponentOne PDF for .NET is now Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 ... Read more

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    Primary Category: Reporting Components

    Release Notes: expressions. Export to CSV and JSON - These export functions are similar to the other exports such as PDF, Doc, ... Read more Show more results from this product

  16. Description: files, and custom unbound data. Includes export filters for PDF, HTML, Excel, Text, TIFF, RTF, and RDF. ... Viewer HTML Viewer. Flash Viewer. PDF Viewer. Raw HTML (displays in the browser). Digitally sign exported ... ActiveReports includes Adobe PDF export with advanced encryption and international font support, Microsoft Excel ... Read more

  17. Release Notes: Faster PDF export file generation 60% Smaller peak memory footprint Composite Charts - Use the new ... from other report design tools. PDF RE (Rendering Extension) Enhancements - ActiveReports 11 includes ... an optimized PDF RE to improve resultant file sizes and speed of export. Advanced settings for printing presets ... Read more

  18. Release Notes: and Infragistics.Documents compiled assembly, you can export data grids to Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS file formats ... Read more Show more results from this product

  19. Specification: • • Adobe Acrobat PDF Export & PostScript API • • • • • Microsoft XLS Export & Document API ... Read more

  20. Release Notes: and Exporting - enables printing and exporting to both a PDF file, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel format ... Read more

  21. Release Notes: into account while exporting GridView content to PDF. MVC Navigation, Layout & Multi-Purpose Extensions ... Read more Show more results from this product

  22. Release Notes: to export the card view to PDF using the CreatePrintableObject method. MVC Data Editors Calendar - ... Read more

  23. Release Notes: height is small. ASPxGridView A script error occurs on an attempt to export the grid to a PDF file ... in certain situations. XtraReports Suite ASPxDocumentViewer - PDF-based printing doesn't work in Chrome ... Read more

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  25. Release Notes: Updates in 13.2.5 PDF Viewer Control - Display PDF files directly in your WPF application without ... the need to install an external PDF viewer. Grid - Fix, print, export and serialize bands along ... formats (export and import) Print and Export to PDF. Built-in and custom functions for formula ... Read more

  26. Release Notes: PDF Viewer for WPF PdfViewerControl does not allow moving focus when the Tab key is used. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: distributions to the OxygenDITA preferences page. Accessibility Support Added to DITA Map to PDF WYSIWYG ... Transformation - Accessibility support was added to PDF output generated by the DITA Map to PDF WYSIWYG ... automatically so a PDF reader can use this information to present the content to the visually impaired. Add-ons ... Read more Show more results from this product

  28. Release Notes: Includes numerous productivity improvements for DITA and a new built-in CSS to PDF processing ... press the CTRL+SPACE shortcut to choose from a list of profiling attribute values. Float Images in PDF ... topics in PDF and XHTML output. Editor Variables for DITA Root Maps - Some new editor variables were ... Read more

  29. Description: are one click away, allowing you to produce outputs in PDF, ePUB, HTML, and many other formats, using ... Read more