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    About Dynamic-CD for ASP

    What's New: Removed need for admin privileges under MS Vista V3.1.0.4 18: Added manifest to support MS Vista Fixed ... Read more

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    About ActiveReports

    Description: These features are fully compatible with Adobe's security guidelines. Provide Powerful Printing Capabilities ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Release Notes: features to execute, cache, schedule, and secure reports. With the thin viewer functionality, you can: ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: This server based platform includes support for multi-tenant reporting, security, extensibility, data caching ... create interactive reports. It offers secure, scalable storage and includes an SDK for accelerating ... Read more

  5. About ActiveReports 2 for ActiveX/COM

    Features: Reports can be compiled for maximum security and speed New! Report layouts can be distributed as XML based ... Read more

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    About Visible Analyst

    Description: security structure: three levels of security user account (3 types), project, object level Multiple ... Read more

  7. About DevExpress DXperience

    Release Notes: from file' menu item is executed in the End-User Designer. Security - Remove the Allow Create ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Release Notes: subscription) Application Server and Security System Improvements - Hierarchical structure of roles, automatic ... Read more

  9. About Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition

    Release Notes: Outlook Icons Network and Security Icons Download Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition trial ... Read more Show more results from this product

  10. Release Notes: such as environmental, safety, business, political, security, and more. It is used in a wide range of companies, ... Read more

  11. About ActiveReports for .NET

    Description: to compile reports into the application for speed and security or to keep them separate for ease of updating ... Read more

  12. About ComponentOne Studio

    Release Notes: and use isolated storage efficiently and securely. Improved PdfViewer - Performance has been drastically ... Read more

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    About Spread Studio

    Features: with data in Excel documents, allowing you to maintain business rules, security and data integrity. ... Read more

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    About PhpStorm

    Release Notes: This update addresses critical security vulnerabilities inside the underlying IntelliJ Platform. ... Read more