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    About PL/SQL Developer

    Release Notes: Updates in 11.0.6 Enhancements Increased security when downloading updates (https, domain ... Read more

  2. About ActiveReports 2 for ActiveX/COM

    Features: Reports can be compiled for maximum security and speed New! Report layouts can be distributed as XML based ... Read more

  3. About DevExpress DXperience

    Release Notes: menu item is executed in the End-User Designer. Security - Remove the Allow Create check box from ... Read more Show more results from this product

  4. Release Notes: and Security System Improvements - Hierarchical structure of roles, automatic data filtering with respect ... Read more

  5. 4. ActiveReports Buy Now

    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Reporting Components
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    About ActiveReports

    Description: These features are fully compatible with Adobe's security guidelines. Provide Powerful Printing Capabilities ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Release Notes: cache, schedule, and secure reports. With the thin viewer functionality, you can: Execute reports ... Read more

  7. Release Notes: support for multi-tenant reporting, security, extensibility, data caching and report optimization. ... secure, scalable storage and includes an SDK for accelerating self-service Business Intelligence. ... Read more

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    About SQL Toolbelt

    Description: securely encrypt, and strengthen your backups SQL Monitor: SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting ... Read more Show more results from this product

  9. Release Notes: Columnstore indexes on memory optimized tables. Dynamic Data Masking. Row Level Security. Stretch Tables. ... Read more

  10. Screenshots: Compress, securely encrypt and strengthen backups - fast. ... Read more

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    About Xceed SFTP for .NET

    Description: Securely send and receive files, folders or entire directory structures quickly and easily. Xceed ... SFTP for .NET provides robust, secure file transfer, file access and file management using SFTP (SSH ... File Transfer Protocol). It supports secure FTP via SSL 3.0 and 3.1 (TLS) in both FtpClient ... Read more

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    About Visible Analyst

    Description: security structure: three levels of security user account (3 types), project, object level Multiple ... Read more

  13. About ComponentOne Studio

    Release Notes: efficiently and securely. Improved PdfViewer - Performance has been drastically improved and the rendering has ... Read more

  14. About Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise

    Release Notes: and Security Icons ... Read more Show more results from this product

  15. Release Notes: such as environmental, safety, business, political, security, and more. It is used in a wide range of companies, ... Read more

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    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Spreadsheet Components
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    About Spread Studio

    Release Notes: GcNumber, GcTextBox and GcTimeSpan. Enhanced Printing - Add security to your generated PDF files by password ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Features: with data in Excel documents, allowing you to maintain business rules, security and data integrity. ... Read more