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  1. About DevExpress Universal

    Description: Ultimate (CodeRush Classic, CodeRush for Roslyn). Data Visualization Dashboards. Document Server. ... the needs of developers targeting the WinForms platform. Whether building Office Inspired or data centric ... browsers, iOS, Android and Windows 10 with the DevExtreme Mobile Framework and HTML 5 data visualization ... Read more Show more results from this product

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  3. Screenshots: WPF Diagram Designer Read more

  4. About DevExpress DXperience

    Release Notes: modes to help simplify data entry. Web Style Row Selection - Select multiple grid rows via checkboxes. ... can display records with captions, descriptions, images and check boxes. Data grouping is supported so ... Data Editing with Built-in Forms - The DevExpress WinForms Grid now ships with three built-in edit ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Description: platform. Whether building an Office-inspired app or a touch-enabled data centric Business Intelligence ... solution, you are always in full control with the DevExpress WinForms product line. Office Inspired Data ... Gauge Controls Map Control Pivot Grid Layout Data Layout Control Layout Converter Layout Manager Wizard ... Read more

  6. Release Notes: Maintenance release includes several bug fixes. DevExpress has released a maintenance update across their entire product range. DevExpress ASP.NET DevExpress Reporting DevExpress Windows 10 Apps Subscription DevExpress WinForms DevExpress WPF DevExtreme ... Read more

  7. About Aspose.Total for .NET

    Customer Review: I highly recommend the Aspose product family. It covers almost any need and feature one can have related to documents The company seems to be delivering constant updates and keeping in time with the rest of the technology world (by looking at their twitter feed and newsletters). But the biggest ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Customer Review: be saved to using the same data. In Aspose.Cells, string tables are handled in the background and the text ... Read more

  9. Customer Review: We evaluated many open source solutions for formats conversion and encounter with so many problems not only with implementations but also with the quality of the output files. When I started to use Aspose Total for this task I was amazed how easy it is to use and the generated output files were ... Read more

  10. About DevExpress WinForms

    Release Notes: LookUpEdit - Support Data Annotations attributes. TokenEdit - Added the capability to initialize ... Remove data validation from the specified range. All WinForms Controls SimpleButton - Tooltip ... LookUpEditors automatically use the Key member of the Dictionary entry as EditValue if the ValueMember property ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Release Notes: a report's data source object contains no entries. The System.InvalidCastException is thrown when an MS ... Word plugin. Data Access Library ExcelDataSource - Date values are converted to integer when values ... the localization service. Data-Aware Export Export - The XlsxExportOptionsEx.CustomizeCell event is raised ... Read more

  12. Description: or chart type, you are free to customize each aspect of data representation – from axes and diagram ... charts types and natural lighting with full smoothing support for 3D charts. You simply provide data ... and automatically get a perfect visualization. XtraGrid Suite A grid control with four data layout options from ... Read more

  13. About ComponentOne Studio

    Description: Add grid, reporting, charting, scheduling, data manipulation, user interface and more to your ... ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes over 180 components including Grid, Reporting, Charting, Data, User ... for Silverlight ComponentOne Range Slider for Silverlight ComponentOne Data for Silverlight ComponentOne Hyper ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Release Notes: PDF DocumentSource launches in WinForms, UWP, and WPF. PDF DocumentSource launches in WinForms, UWP, and WPF. FlexChartField launches in FlexReport for WinForms, WPF, and UWP. FlexViewer for WPF launches. TreeMap available in WinForms, WPF, UWP, and ASP.NET MVC. WinForms CalendarView, a new feature ... Read more

  15. Release Notes: or multi-level pie chart is used for visualization of hierarchical data. The circle in the center represents ... of the control. ASP.NET MVC - New Unobtrusive validation support in MVC Input and FlexGrid controls: Data ... borders around cell for invalid entries, and validations can be displayed inside a span for input ... Read more

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    About DevExpress WPF

    Release Notes: occurs in certain scenarios when data is loaded via Entity Framework. DXAccordion for WPF ... Chart3DControl - Unhandled exception occurs when rendering the Surface Series View with null values in the data ... to the parent panel. ChartControl does not update its content after its data source has been changed in certain ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Description: data editors available for use within data entry forms, option editors and data-aware controls. ... Editors - The editors can be used on a standalone basis within data entry forms and for in-place editing ... simple masks with ease, you can generate masks that can address even the most complex data entry scenario ... Read more

  18. Release Notes: disappears after a check box is clicked when a Server Mode data source is used. Summary cells are misaligned ... and MiniMap. It is impossible to set UserAgent when the OSM or Bing map data provider is used. The selected ... in certain cases. BackstageTabItem doesn't pass its data context object to its ControlPane. ... Read more

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    Brand: GrapeCity
    Primary Category: Reporting Components
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    Data Visualization

    Screenshots: Visualize your data using new graphical components, including; Maps, Bullets and Spark-lines. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Screenshots: .NET data sources allow you to connect to any of the standard databases, plus .NET in-memory ... Read more

  21. Release Notes: the other report viewers to the HTML5 viewer. Auto-Merge Cells in the Tablix Data Region - Pivot reports can ... be very complex to lay out because at design time, little is known about the data possibilities at run ... for a cleaner-looking tabular report. Multi-Tenant Support for Defining Shared Data - With this release you can test ... Read more

  22. About DevExpress ASP.NET

    Description: optimized for the ASP.NET WebForms platform: reporting and printing, charting, grid and data editors, ... or features. Among the many innovations across our ASP.NET product line is the availability of two data sources ... that support on-demand data loading. DevExpress ASP.NET controls also support optimizations like HTML ... Read more Show more results from this product

  23. Release Notes: instead of text if its data source is changed in a button's Click event handler and initially its ... data source was set before calling the grid's DataBind method in the Page_Load event handler. ... ASPxGridView - Data Aware export - Column captions are rendered in the wrong columns. ASPxGridView - Data ... Read more

  24. Release Notes: if AllowFocusedRow is True. ASPxComboBox is filled incorrectly after a callback request by a changed data source ... defined via ImageUrlField are not loaded after the data source is changed on a callback request ... cases. ASPxPivotGrid Data Aware Export - Fields with the DateMonth GroupInterval are exported incorrectly ... Read more

  25. About Infragistics Professional

    Description: The tools you need to build functional and stylish applications for Windows, mobile, and the Web. Infragistics Professional includes great performance, ease of use, and styling, a full suite of UI components that allows you to develop across all browsers, devices, and platforms. This is a powerful ... Read more Show more results from this product

  26. Features: Completely control data entry and display in grids, tree views, scheduling controls or standalone ... data entry forms with this comprehensive set of editors. Go from the WinGrid to a Microsoft Excel ... spreadsheet in one click with this convenient exporter control that lets you export row data, headers ... Read more

  27. Release Notes: for JavaScript/HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC 17.1 New Data Grid Features Search by Text - With Search by Text, the Ignite UI ... or below each data group and include built-in functions for most popular data aggregations, such as Count, ... enables users to import and export their data into and out of your applications easily. This functionality ... Read more

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    Primary Category: Spreadsheet Components
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    About Spread Studio

    Description: for WPF-Silverlight development. Spread Features Native Microsoft Excel Compatibility Data Visualization and Analysis ... Excel compatible spreadsheet components. Spread Studio is a cross-platform toolkit that includes ... applications. Spread Studio includes: Spread for WinForms Spread for ASP.NET Spread for WPF-Silverlight Spread ... Read more Show more results from this product

  29. Release Notes: protecting them. Spread for WinForms Missing borders fixed when overflow text is too long. Right-aligned text ... an exception. Memory usage no longer increases when searching in Spread. TextTipPolicy no longer shows TextTips ... character is no longer cleared when setting GcDateTimeCellType.PromptChar to a space in the Spread Designer. ... Read more

  30. Release Notes: Preview and Print Data Views - SpreadJS supports several printing options including best fit, gridlines, ... data with an Excel-like table slicer. Chinese Localization - SpreadJS supports Chinese character sets. ... Enhanced High DPI Support - Applications created with spread are DPI aware and will automatically scale. ... Read more