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    Description: quick and accurate calculations. Intelligent Converters makes Excel spreadsheets even more useful ... Read more

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    Description: spreadsheets. PDF-to-HTML - convert PDF documents into HTML format. PDF-to-Image - convert PDF documents ... Read more

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    Description: Excel-to-Oracle converts MS Excel spreadsheet into Oracle database. MSSQL-to-Oracle migrates MSSQL databases ... converts Oracle database into MS Excel spreadsheet. Oracle-to-MSSQL migrates Oracle database to MSSQL ... Read more

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    Description: Excel spreadsheets into PostgreSQL databases. FoxPro-to-PostgreSQL migrates FoxPro/DBase databases ... Read more

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    Description: converts Microsoft Excel spreadsheet intoMS SQL or Azure SQL database. All versions of MS Excel ... or Azure SQL databasesinto Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Option to filter datausing SELECT-queries. ... Read more

  6. Description: Excel spreadsheet into MySQL database. Firebird-to-MySQL - migrates Firebird databases to MySQL server ... database into DBase (*.dbf) format. MySQL-to-Excel - converts MySQL database into MS Excel spreadsheet ... Read more