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  1. About DevExpress Universal

    Description: Fixed:  Includes charts, data grids, spreadsheets, calendars, schedulers, diagrams, navigation, text ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Release Notes: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 Updates in 15.1.6 DXSpreadsheet for WPF Provide the capability to obtain bounds of a particular visible cell. MVVM Framework Improve the MVVM demos to demonstrate how a parameter can be passed to a command bound using custom behavior. NavigationService - The page is not ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Monday, February 1, 2016 Updates in 15.2.5 Added new CallBackUrl property in MVC extension classes. Improved the Skin Editor UI for all WinForms controls. Improved MVVM Framework view location algorithm. Added support for binding MVVM commands to Context Buttons and DocumentActions. Added support ... Read more

  4. WinForms Spreadsheet Control

    Screenshots: WinForms Spreadsheet Control Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Screenshots: WinForms-Spreadsheet Read more

  6. Features: of Microsoft Office. ASP.NET Rich Text Editor ASP.NET Rich Text Editor WinForms Spreadsheet Control WinForms ... Spreadsheet Control Ribbon Navigation and Layout Ribbon Navigation and Layout ... Read more

  7. WinForms Spreadsheet Control

    Screenshots: Read and write XLSx, XLS, CSV and TXT Files. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  8. Release Notes: and OpenStreetMap data providers. WinForms Spreadsheet Control - Deliver Excel inspired capabilities with ease. Live ... Read more

  9. Description: All the WinForms component suites and libraries produced by DevExpress in one package. DevExpress WinForms includes the following products: XtraGrid Suite, XtraBars Suite, XtraPivotGrid Suite, XtraScheduler Suite, XtraReports Suite, XtraTreeList Suite, XtraVerticalGrid Suite, XtraCharts Suite, ... Read more

  10. About Aspose.Total for .NET

    Description: and manage Excel Spreadsheets without requiring Microsoft Excel. Aspose.Cells delivers real Excel ... spreadsheets in a desktop or web server environment without Microsoft Excel installed on either server ... or user's computer. Aspose.Cells supports spreadsheet generation and other basic file formatting features. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  11. Customer Review: Having evaluated lots of open source and commercially available products we have found the Aspose suite of components the most easily adoptable and feature rich SDKs that we have found to date. We use the components to transform office documents into PDF / Images for further processing through our ... Read more

  12. Customer Review: 'Comprehensive' is an adjective for including or dealing with all or nearly all elements or aspects of something. At Accordo this describes the functionality we gain by incorporating the Aspose.Total product set into our core line of business applications.  Annually, Accordo deals with ... Read more

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    About DevExpress WPF

    Release Notes: component: main menu, toolbar and statusbar. Spreadsheet Grouping - Arrange related columns or rows ... Spreadsheet Control allows you to associate additional information to individual cells via comments. Per-Pixel ... Read more Show more results from this product

  14. Release Notes: time zones with individual appointments. WPF Spreadsheet Control Pivot Tables - Analyze, categorize ... Read more

  15. Release Notes: Spreadsheet Data Validation - Prevent end-users from entering invalid values into worksheet cells. Scheduler ... Read more

  16. About DevExpress ASP.NET

    Release Notes: of this new engine has been significantly improved. Spreadsheet Protection - Obscure data or formulas ... and prevent users from viewing or making changes to data. Spreadsheet Printing - Print workbook contents via ... a built-in Ribbon UI. Spreadsheet Text Search - Easily locate data within any worksheet. Fullscreen Mode - ... Read more Show more results from this product

  17. Release Notes: Friday, June 6, 2014 Updates in 14.1 Spreadsheet Control - Includes built-in file management menu ... Read more

  18. Description: All award-winning ASP.NET AJAX and MVC component suites, libraries, and extensions produced by DevExpress in one integrated package. DevExpress ASP.NET includes over 110 controls, including the following products that have been fully optimized for the ASP.NET WebForms platform: reporting and ... Read more

  19. About Infragistics Professional

    Description: The tools you need to build functional and stylish Enterprise-ready applications across all browsers, devices and platforms. Infragistics Professional provides advanced controls to build user interface and data visualization applications for Windows Forms, WPF, iOS, Android, Xamarin, ASP.NET, ASP ... Read more Show more results from this product

  20. Release Notes: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Updates in 2015 Vol. 2 Infragistics WPF xamBusyIndicator - Report the progress of a long running, multi-threaded, process to end-users. The xamBusyIndicator supports both determinate and indeterminate states and ships with eight built-in animations. xamDataGrid Excel Style ... Read more

  21. Release Notes: Thursday, April 16, 2015 Updates in 2015 Vol. 1 A set of ASP.NET MVC Helpers to build rich, interactive web applications. Enhancements and new features in the Xamarin.Forms UI toolkit, which benefits developers targeting iOS, Android or Windows Phone. New tree grid controls for WPF and jQuery. ... Read more

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    About Altova MapForce Professional Edition

    Release Notes: for XML signatures on output and support for multiple ranges in an Excel spreadsheet. ... Read more

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    About Infragistics Ultimate

    Description: A feature-complete UX and UI software development suite for building stunning, interactive user interfaces in Web, desktop, cross-platform and mobile application development. Infragistics Ultimate includes advanced controls to build user interface and data visualization applications for Windows ... Read more Show more results from this product

  24. What's New: that include AutoEditMode and Collapsible Columns, and a Spreadsheet that gives you full Excel editing ... Read more

  25. Release Notes: and Collapsible Columns and a Spreadsheet that gives you full Excel editing and formatting for a pixel-perfect ... Read more

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    VCL Spreadsheet Control

    What's New: A comprehensive set of Action objects associated with the spreadsheet functionality. ... Read more Show more results from this product

  27. Description: All the Developer Express VCL products in one package. Developer Express VCL Subscription includes VCL components for: data entry, charting, data analysis, navigation, layout, grids, scheduling, styling, reporting, printing and planning. Developer Express VCL Subscription supports Delphi 2010, XE, ... Read more

  28. Release Notes: and Spreadsheet controls. ... Read more