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    Release Notes: is displayed in the wrong place for issue tracker test connection. Build user %system.teamcity.auth.userId ... Read more

  2. Release Notes: KeyStore.GetPublicKeysWithUserId(userId) – returns the public keys with the specified userId serialized as bytes Added method ... KeyStore.ImportPrivateKey(file) Added method KeyStore.ExportPublicKeyStream(userId) – exports a public key into a Stream Added ... Read more Show more results from this product

  3. Release Notes: DidiSoft.Pgp.WinRT New- KeyStoreRT.GetKey(userId)- returns a key object from this key store. New- ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: Updates in V5.50 GSS authentication is supported Changed behavior: the type of 'userid' ... Read more

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    Release Notes: The 'Visits' report generation with 'UserId' filter has been fixed. Fixed the default value ... Read more