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    Description: Charts optimized for Dashboards, reports and grids. Actipro Micro Charts for Universal Windows is a set of charts that visualize quantitative data and are designed to render clearly in compact spaces within Windows apps. Many chart types are supported, ... Read more

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    Description: Visualize complex data with stunning charts. Actipro Charts for Universal Windows is a set of charts that provide rich visualization for quantitative data. It's designed to make even the most complex data easily readable. Many chart types are ... Read more

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    Description: Advanced editor controls for touch, mouse and keyboard data entry. Actipro Editors for Universal Windows provides a number of user input controls for common .NET data types such as dates, times, numbers, colors, enumerations and sizes. Each of the ... Read more

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    Description: A task board control providing interactive task scheduling and prioritization. Actipro Views for Universal Windows includes a TaskBoard control that makes it easy to add interactive task scheduling and prioritization to your apps. The data model is ... Read more

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    Description: Build immersive Universal Windows apps. Actipro Universal Windows Studio is a suite of all Actipro’s Universal Windows (UWP) products. It includes Charts - Visualize complex data with stunning charts, Micro Charts - Small charts, also called sparklines, ... Read more

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    Description: A syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite. Actipro SyntaxEditor for Universal Windows is a powerful text editing control that is packed with features for efficient code editing, including syntax highlighting, code outlining, parsing, ... Read more

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    Description: Vector-based 2D and linear bar codes that scale cleanly on any type of media. Actipro Bar Code for Universal Windows makes it easy to add the most common 2D and linear barcodes to any Universal Windows application or report. Barcodes can be saved to image ... Read more