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  1. Description: Manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats in.NET without installing Microsoft Office. Aspose.Total for.NET is a complete package of all Aspose file format APIs for.NET. It empowers developers to create, edit, ... Read more

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    Brand: Aspose
    Primary Category: PDF Components

    Release Notes: PDF2.0- Added the L (length) key for inline images. Added a PDF/A Converter for.NET plugin. Added the ability to search through a list of phrases in a 'TextFragmentAbsorber'. Added the ability to convert tables for the PDF to Markdown converter. ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Added new TIFF reader/writer. Chart API extended with new options. Implemented binary raster operations emulation for WMF metafiles. Updates in V24.3 1 ... Read more

  4. Release Notes: Added support for EVALUATE function. Improved filtering in GridDesktop. Support for rich text when using formula editor box. Convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to ODS using ODF 1.3 standard. Support for processing navigation links when converting AZW3 ... Read more

  5. Description: A complete set of file format manipulation APIs. Aspose.Total Product Family Pack lets you easily manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook and more than 100 other file formats using native APIs for.NET, Java, Android, C++ and other Platforms. ... Read more

  6. Description: Add barcode generation and recognition functionality to your.NET applications. Aspose.BarCode for.NET is a class library for generating & recognizing 1D & 2D barcodes from multiple image types at any angle. Developers can easily add barcode ... Read more

  7. Description: Enable your application to read and write PowerPoint documents without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for.NET is a presentation processing API that enables applications to read, write, modify and convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. ... Read more

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    Description: Create and manage Excel Spreadsheets without requiring Microsoft Excel. Aspose.Cells Product Family helps you process Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on multiple platforms. It includes native APIs to create, edit, convert and render Excel files as well as ... Read more

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    Description: Typeset TeX files within.NET applications. Aspose.TeX for.NET is flexible and easy to use library to typeset TeX and LaTeX files. The API supports multiple output formats like XPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP. It can also create a custom TeX format if you ... Read more

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    Description: Add image processing capabilities to your.NET applications. Aspose.Imaging for.NET is class library that helps developers create, edit, draw or convert images in their own application. It includes the ability to save in Adobe Photoshop native formats ... Read more