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    Description: Kanban board component for WPF. DlhSoft Kanban Library for WPF helps you create interactive Kanban boards in your WPF applications. It includes customizable states, expandable groups, draggable items, optional menus and more. DlhSoft Kanban Library for ... Read more

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    Description: Add OCR/OMR functionality to your.NET applications. Aspose.OCR for.NET is a robust optical character recognition API for adding OCR functionality to applications. The API is extensible, easy to use, compact and provides a simple set of classes for ... Read more

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    Description: Manipulate zip archives and compress and decompress files within any.NET based application. Aspose.ZIP for.NET is a flexible document compression and archive manipulation API for standard zip format. The API enables.NET applications to compress and ... Read more

  4. Description: Recognize data from photos and scans of commonly used image formats. Aspose.OMR for.NET is an optical marks recognition API for recognizing optical marks from multiple image formats including JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF. After performing OMR operations on ... Read more