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    Description: Manipulate zip archives and compress and decompress files within any .NET based application. Aspose.ZIP for .NET is a flexible document compression and archive manipulation API for standard zip format. The API enables .NET applications to compress and ... Read more

  2. Description: Effective XPS and PDF reports from Infragistics WebGrid data. Infragistics WebGridDocumentExporter lets your users share documents generated from Infragistics WebGrid data in XPS and PDF formats. It takes only a single method call to produce professional ... Read more

  3. Description: Convert flat data into a hierarchical ASP.NET data source easily. Infragistics WebHierarchicalDataSource is a non-visual ASP.NET control that simplifies the shaping of data to fit the needs of diverse, hierarchical user interface (UI) displays (like trees ... Read more

  4. Description: Content management and spell checking in ASP.NET. Infragistics WebHtmlEditor is an editing tool which can be easily added to your Web application to provide your end users with a rich HTML editing experience. Infragistics WebHtmlEditor provides end users ... Read more

  5. Description: From the Grid to Microsoft Excel in a single click. Infragistics WinGridExcelExporter allows you to export row data, headers, and summaries from the WinGrid to an Excel-compatible spreadsheet (.XLS, .XLSX* or .XLSM* file format). One call to the Export ... Read more

  6. Description: PDF and XPS reports from WinGrid in an instant. WinGridDocumentExporter allows instant exports, you can write PDF and XPS files containing grid data with as little as one method call. WinGridDocumentExporter events allow customization of exported data ... Read more