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    Description: Generate various permission reports to improve SharePoint management. SharePoint Permission Report provides a simple and efficient way to generate different types of permission reports. Administrators can generate reports based on account, permission ... Read more

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    Description: Upload multiple SharePoint pictures, form libraries and documents. SharePoint Batch Check In overcomes the limitations of SharePoint's document versioning management feature by creating a shortcut to file check-in without compromising document ... Read more

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    Description: Powerful and real-time calculation, easy-use functions with IntelliSense. SharePoint Calculated Boost Field provides you a powerful and friendly user interface to design your calculation. Powerful functions help you do complex calculation. IntelliSense ... Read more

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    Pricing: SharePoint Workflow Boost v1.4.1008.0 - Server License 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1113546 Premium Annual Support for 1 Server License Our Part No: 555481-1113547 SharePoint Workflow Boost v1.4.1008.0 - Site Collection License 50 End User Site ... Read more