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    Features: Deal with language specific constructs, a ‘using’ clause in C#. Regular text-based merge tools won’t detect the fact that the new  ‘using’ clause is actually the same, which would typically only be detected at the build phase. SemanticMerge detects that ... Read more Show more results from this product

  2. Features: Tracks what has been added in a location independent way. Two developers start working from a “base” file and then they add a “new_method()” in two different locations. During the merge, a text-based automatic merge tool would incorrectly solve the ... Read more

  3. Features: Move your methods around and let Semantic deal with merge. SemanticMerge allows you to move your methods around, refactor, and cleanup the code, and SemanticMerge will still be able to resolve the merge because it merges on a method-by-method basis. In ... Read more

  4. Features: Branching and merging with lightning fast branches, task driven development, powerful merging and visual merge tools. Plastic SCM GUI Plastic SCM GUI Powerful GUI, awesome graphics, providing visualization of data and procedures that simplifies even the ... Read more Show more results from this product

  5. Features: We make distributed version control easy: visually pushing and pulling changes, reconciling remote conflicts graphically, working from different locations and still making local check-ins. ... Read more

  6. Features: You just change your code files, create new ones, copy move, rename or delete. From any tool, from your IDE to the command line. No integration to setup. Now, when you are happy with your changes, check in everything with a single click. Plastic SCM ... Read more