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    Description: A high-performance thread-safe control for displaying table data in high-performance applications. Dapfor Wpf GridControl supports displaying both single header data (like Windows Explorer) and hierarchies with multiple independent headers preserving the ... Read more

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    Description: 24 royalty free .NET controls for Enterprise Resource Planning, Scheduling and UX design. DBI Studio Suite includes DBI Calendar Silverlight, Calendar WPF, Solutions Schedule .NET Standard, Solutions Schedule Silverlight, Solutions Schedule WPF and Studio ... Read more

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    Description: Interactive Gantt style drag and drop multi resource scheduling. Solutions Schedule for Silverlight is a comprehensive control for managing and presenting enterprise information in Gantt style presentations, for planning and scheduling multiple resources ... Read more

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    Description: 100+ Scheduling and UI controls. DBI Corporate Suite is a complete collection of user interface design, user experience and Enterprise Resource Planning and Schedule controls for WPF, WinForms, Silverlight and ActiveX. DBI Corporate Suite includes ... Read more

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    Description: 3 WPF Scheduling Controls in 1. dbiCalendarWPF is straight forward and to the point, providing appointment scheduling and calendar presentations for WPF application development. dbiCalendarWPF combines three direct edit controls; a Multi Column Day ... Read more

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    Description: Bring full featured resource scheduling, planning, and Gantt style Drag 'n Drop resource management to your end users quickly. Solutions Schedule for WPF is a comprehensive control for managing and presenting enterprise information in Gantt style ... Read more

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    Description: Healthcare Scheduling to Enterprise Resource Management and UX Design. Studio Controls for .NET offers enterprise developers a complete set of Windows design and data presentation software components targeted for developers looking for industry tested ... Read more

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    Brand: Dapfor
    Primary Category: Grid Components
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    Description: A .NET grid with grouping, editors, 50,000 updates/sec, low CPU and memory consumption and more. Dapfor .Net Grid is a hierarchical data presentation grid that features: single or multiple headers, real-time row grouping, sorting, filtration, cell ... Read more