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  1. Description: Create games, simulations, and/or cockpit emulations. Aircraft ActiveX Library is a bundle of four aircraft-specific custom controls including Aircraft Dynamics, Aircraft Instruments, Joystick, and Moving Map ActiveX controls. Packaged together, these ... Read more

  2. Description: Add LED instruments to your application. GMSI.NET Alphanumeric LED .NET Component uses the seven-segment LED protocol. Over 50 properties, it can display alphabetic characters A through F, any numeric character, a moveable decimal point, and an optional ... Read more

  3. Description: Monitor realtime data in a flexible gauge. Angular Gauge .NET Component creates a graphical gauge for displaying real-time data. It utilizes double-buffering technology for the speediest screen updates possible. Built-in property pages for 100+ properties ... Read more

  4. Description: Control color selection and conversion. GMSI.NET Color Toolkit provides the ultimate set of components for developers who want or need extensive control over color selection and conversion. Select colors using color wheels, color graphs, or color sliders ... Read more

  5. Description: Add instrumentation functionality to your .NET applications. The GMSI.NET Instrumentation Library features a bundle of seven common instrumentation interface components including Alpha-Numeric LED, Angular Gauge, Knob, LED, Linear Gauge, Odometer and ... Read more

  6. 6. GMSI.NET Knob Component Archived

    Primary Category: Gauge Components

    Description: Add Knobs to your .NET applications. GMSI.NET Knob Component is a configurable (100+ properties) control which creates a graphical knob that can be used for interactive data input, process control, real-time adjustments, etc. Double-buffering technology ... Read more

  7. 7. GMSI.NET LED Component Archived

    Primary Category: Gauge Components

    Description: Simulate the functionality of a Light-Emitting Diode (LED). GMSI.NET LED Component includes double-buffering technology which makes screen updates fast. It is self-registering and data-aware for fast, efficient database connectivity. A built-in timer ... Read more

  8. Description: Add linear gauges to your .NET apps. Linear Gauge can be configured with the click of a button. It incorporates scales, tics, handles, bitmaps, shapes, and digital read-outs for configuring virtually any kind of sliding gauge, meter, or mechanism. ... Read more

  9. 9. GMSI.NET Marquee Archived

    Primary Category: Gauge Components

    Description: Scroll an alphanumeric readout for both horizontal and vertical displays. GMSI.NET Marquee includes color selection for background, mask and text. User selectable horizontal and vertical resolutions are all fully interactive and make for easy custom ... Read more

  10. Description: Add odometer functionality to your .NET apps. The GMSI.NET Odometer Component is used to simulate an automobile's odometer or tripometer. Numbers "roll" for a realistic visual effect. The font, number of digits, colors, number of decimals, ... Read more