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    What's New: What's New in IntelliSpell 2009? Spell-check Camel Cased and Mixed Cased Words: Specify camel cased and mixed case words (for example, ComponentOne) are checked as one long string or broken up into individual words. Spell-check Underscore Words: ... Read more

  2. What's New: What's New in ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone 2014 v1 Chart Grouping & Aggregation - The chart now has built-in functionality that provides aggregating data along the x-axis. So now you can group your data by categories, dates or any other ... Read more

  3. What's New: What's New in ComponentOne Studio - WinRT Edition 2015 v3 FlexGrid Supports multi-level groups Supports drop-down to show collection column. Scheduler - SmallVisualIntervalScale property allows user to set time scale for different views with single ... Read more