ActiveX OCX / Inabyte - Best Selling

  1. Description: Extract formatted data from a wide variety of document types. InaFileConverter Control Set is a collection of ActiveX components that allows you to access files, even if you don't have the associated application installed on your system. It uses ... Read more

  2. 2. InaGrid Archived

    Brand: Inabyte
    Primary Category: Grid Components

    Description: Display data faster with an unbound grid. InaGrid provides a robust, highly customizable grid front end to virtually any data you provide. You have full control over color - background, foreground, text, etc. - cell alignment, cell contents - including ... Read more

  3. 3. InaSysTray Archived

    Brand: Inabyte
    Primary Category: UI & Interaction Components

    Description: Place your application's icon in the Windows system tray. InaSysTray is an ActiveX component that allows you to place your application's icons in the Windows Taskbar System Notification Area - commonly called the system tray. The icon will ... Read more

  4. 4. InaXplorer Control Set Archived

    Brand: Inabyte
    Primary Category: Treeview & List Components

    Description: Enable your application to mimic the functionality of Windows Explorer. InaXplorer Control Set is a collection of three ActiveX controls for creating a hierarchical explorer application: InaXploreCombo mimics the combo control found on the Explorer to ... Read more