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    Description: High-performance data grid and high-volume data charts. Infragistics Ignite UI for React includes a lightweight React data grid and real-time, high-volume data charts The lightweight data grid was built to meet the challenge of displaying large amounts of ... Read more

  2. Description: 50+ Material-based UI components designed and built on Google’s Angular framework. Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular includes a wide range of easy to use Angular UI components that have been designed and optimized for high-performance, high-volume data ... Read more

  3. Release Notes: Data Chart The GetPosition method on the ChartMouseButtonEventArgs disappeared between 17.1 and 18.2. Dock Manager When docking to Left or Right it docs to opposite side. Document Exporter Graphics.FillPie does not draw correctly in Canvas. ... Read more

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    Release Notes: CalculationManager In the FormulaReferenceError event for a ListCalculator, e.Context is null and there is no information about which formula has the error - should be improved. ArgumentNullException occurring when changing a formula on an ItemCalculation ... Read more

  5. Customer Review: Manuel Iraizos 5 Mexico ... Read more

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    Description: Create fast, beautiful, cross-platform mobile apps. Ultimate UI for Xamarin includes 45+ native controls for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms that enable maximum code-sharing and incredible performance. It includes: Data Grid, Data Chart, ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Improves ASP.NET Web Forms, JavaScript, Windows Forms and WPF controls. Infragistics has released new builds of the following products: Infragistics Ultimate UI for ASP.NET - Improves WebDataGrid and WebDataMenu controls. Infragistics Ignite UI for ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Improves HierarchicalGrid, Spreadsheet and Tree controls. Excel AxisBetweenCategories affects wrong axis. Cannot change line style for series lines. Axis labels are not displayed correctly when using SetSourceData. Some text format of a text box get lost ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Improves WebDataGrid and WebDataMenu controls. WebDataGrid When WebDataGrid has text editor provider, defined for one of its columns, the cells in that column are not updated after a database update is executed. When WebDataGrid has Row Adding behavior ... Read more

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    Family:   Buy Since 1995, ComponentSource has specialized in Product Licensing for Software Developers and Resellers globally. Distributor since 1996 Purchase Orders Welcome New Subscriptions, Renewals and Upgrades Co-terminations, License Transfers, Legacy ... Read more