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  6. Customer Review: I have used Infragistic's grids and other components since VB6. When I migrated (or rewrote) apps for .NET with VS 2017 and now with 2019, they are still the best in my view. Also, their support is Excellent and fast! David 5 Switzerland ... Read more Show more results from this product

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  9. Customer Review: I'd have expected the product to be simpler to compose UI (mainly MS Winforms) but I had to struggle with a complicated interface just to set, for example, a font. I realize that the hierarchical nature of their controls allows the product to achieve ... Read more

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    Customer Review: A new API has been integrated into Infragistics xamDataChart, a charting component for handling high volumes of data and available in both Infragistics Silverlight and WPF Data Visualization Data Chart Control that are also part of the NetAdvantage ... Read more Show more results from this product

  13. Customer Review: The Infragistics' two new NetAdvantage Data Visualization toolsets, one for WPF, the other for Silverlight contain lots of handy and impressive data presentation components and they work in roughly the same way. So answering the all important ... Read more

  14. Customer Review: Really the best toolset for any .NET application on any platform. Well thought about and everything you need is there. Ron Sens 5 Netherlands, The ... Read more